Thursday, July 5, 2012


I had planned only to post the following(in Black), However when I opened my Courier this morning the Front Page shouted that Mapp was being investigated. More later today. Only in OZ are the competent punished and the unqualified rewarded.

I hope everyone had a pleasant and uneventful 4th.

The heat wave continues and southern Jersey still has many areas without electricity. My nephew in Mays Landing as of late Wednesday still had no current. His two daughters that live nearby only received theirs within the previous 12 hours. We can count our blessings that the storm did not hit us.

For the summer months I plan to post on Mondays, Wednesday, and Friday. The other two week days only if something worthwhile takes place. The Tuesdays after Council meetings will be an exception. No matter what; I will post something. I will also post the Sunday before the Council meetings.


  1. Thanks Doc. I read the article and think Haqq should be ashamed of himself. He is so incompetant and if it wasn't for the forums I attended to hear him spout inane rubbish about a flea-market, I still would have had some respect for him. Mr. Abdul-Happ and his handlers are scum who do not deserve any respect. I saw him at the last City Council meeting. Maybe he thinks we'll elect him if Mapp is forced to resign because of this old and useless law. I hope everyone prays for us. Brown and Abdul-Haqq on the city council. Now thats a nightmare on any street.

  2. Doc... don't feel too badly for him.
    He plays the same game just flirts with the fence from the opposite side. He isn't unwilling to stand up and voice his dissent anymore at the powers that be and is willing to follow "party mantra" to our city's detriment - so he can take the bad with the good.
    Just because he is "one of the better choices" doesn't mean his lack of fortitude should be forgiven and go unnoticed. The Democrats all want to have their pissing match right out in the open for all to see and then pretend it never happened ?? Well high five to them all..they're the only ones who don't see what asses they all come out looking like.

  3. Rush Holt thought that Jerry had the Democratic party in Plainfield under control. Wait until he hears about this!