Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Today's Courier is a great example of the present sad state  of the viability of local newspapers. Mark Spivey's report is about a cyclist being killed near Clinton; there are long advertisements that have the appearance  of a news item. There are few to none classified adds. The paper is truly again after a brief resurgence a rag. Its days are numbered .

  Even the major city  papers are in  financial difficulty but the recent bankruptcy of the Chicago Tribune is most likely due to the innovative financing in the recent sale  and  not circulation drop.

The public's desire for news has changed from reading to listening to sensationalism on TV broadcasts and the all news radio stations while in the car. The rest of their news input comes from  various Internet or smart phone sources.  What can we expect from a generation that has not learned the beauty of the printed word.


Recently I had questioned the rational behind the BOE's action in awarding annual salary plus a stipend to both the Interim Superintendent and the Interim Vice Superintendent for the 2011-2012 school year.  Assemblyman Green has also questioned that action.

One or more "Annons" have defended the BOEs non response claiming that such questions should only be asked during the public comment session of the BOE's meeting, Inferring, that bloggers do not have a right to criticise or question actions of elected or public bodies. .In a free society. questions about policy and procedures should not be restricted to a time limited comment period. Items of public concern are always open to questioning  and do not deserve a Watergate defense of privileged material..

Both Salary and Stipend refer to a defined payment for services implying a contract agreement. Therefore what is the rational for one position being awarded both? It is true that a stipend is often the term used for payment for a part time job or an extra position other than for the one the salary is designated. Since both persons have been "hired" for the designated position there can be no rational for a "stipend" unless there is a desire by the BOE to play with the numbers in an attempt to obfuscate actual payments. Perhaps a "Stipend" unlike salary  does not require pension benefits payments?

Thanks to Maria's OPRA efforts to make public the minutes of the BOE meetings, it has become apparent that this double reimbursement practice has been for at least two "watches" before the Gallon era an unquestioned policy for upper executive personnel.. if you have time to wade  through all the verbiage read the BOE minutes which  Maria posted yesterday .  Once more one must  wonder if the BOEs of the past decade or two understood their fiduciary responsibilities.Is tradition so great that he present Board continues to deceive the public.

The posing of this question  seems to have also created a rebirth of the pro-anti Gallon debate. Irrespective of the merits of the case that led to Gallon's dismissal, he was doomed before he started, Granted that he did have progressive ideas and if given the opportunity of time would have revitalized the PSS, However, there was a hard core of destructive antagonism  against any outsider which unfortunately may have had the support of some of the BOE. In addition he may have come across as arrogant due to his flowery speech habits.

But Gallon was also stupid;  he had to bring his three lady friends with him from Florida Then with the cooperation of the BOE he newly created for them jobs which the State had not authorized as part of a school system's organization. The BOE has to share responsibility for Gallon's failure and the continuation of the practice of wasting educational funds on early termi9nations and associated legal fees.

Since this Board  has authorizes an unique action it, not the Interim Superintendent  owes the tax payers  an explanation.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Sunday Star Ledger's article on state taxation is an eye opener. No ,per capita New Jersey is not the worse state i the nation. Sarah Pallin's Alaska can boast the highest total taxes per capita as well as the highest taxes as a percent of personal; income.

Of the  5.0 States;New Jersey ranks 5th in per capita and 8th in percentage of personal income. New Jersey's income tax is designed to be favorable to the poor and lower middle class.. Its burden does fall on the big earners. Overall the State ranks 19th in percent of total income  but 7th in revenue per capita.

Our sales tax is high but since it is limited to the State only and food and clothes are exempt we rank 36th inits percent of total income and as low as 19% in revenue per capita.

The real dog in our taxation structure is the local property tax; Of all the States N .J. is the highest(#1)  in Revenue per Capita and #2 in as a  percentage of personal income.  The  unfortunate result of the Municipal governments 9an d the State) heavy reliance on Property taxes is that the burden falls on those that can least afford it; the low income home owner and the fixed income senior citizens. That is the true curse of New Jersey's Tax system.

There has to be a restructuring with the most likely target, sales taxation. Restaurant services are taxed at present.but basic foods are not and should remain free ox taxation. Likewise clothing below a certain dollar level should be untaxed. There could be selective tax increases on different items this is a judgement that the politicians will have to work out. However there must be property tax relief for low income earners and others on fixed retirement incomes.The Corporate Taxes which falls in the upper 10% in both categories can be reworked  since on  about 7 %  of the States 252,000 corporations contribute more than  $2.000.00 in taxes towards the$24,6 Billion received.

Elections are coming ; how will the politicians face the issue?

Monday, June 27, 2011


My post for today  is long but please read and comment. But start on a light note.

The world must be coming to its end.Of my two "twin" cats the Mick  has never been know to not insist by at least 30 minutes that it was eating time..Tonight,a c at was bothering me so much that I decided to feed them. Usually all I have to do is go to the pantry and get  a can. Before I can open it both are under my feet  Tonight  only one cat was there  and I had to figure the absent one was  Mack  who gets himself locked out in the garage or on the porch.

The two cats  are so much alike that from the time they were kittens we could only tell them by their color coded collars or by personality. Mack has never met a human he did not like.  He is also aggressive and has assumed the top cat role. And he will jump into the lap to be held.  When I doubled checked it was Mack who was chowing away. For the first time in 14 years Mick was sound asleep on the love seat in the den, And he showed no desire to eat until I carried him,the one that does not like to be held,  into the kitchen. And then he begged for a pounce before he would eat!

Should I call the Vet?


As an experienced blogger I should know enough not to write anything that could be discussion provoking on a weekend.  I often however persist with my blogs on Friday and Saturday with a different subject yesterday.

Like many of us who are concerned with the present and the future of Plainfield I am disappointed with the repetitive year in year out "talk, talk, plan ,plan, do nothing, file away and forget" history of Plainfield's Government's programs to revitalize the City. Some like Councilor Storch and  Tony Rucker do post suggestions, some of which reach a talk/plan stage and then comes hiatus. Others who write  have suggestion to go along with their flights of fancy  I may fall into that group.

Never-the-less I am going to  throw out for consideration a proposal which if enough public spirited individuals can follow through may be innovative enough to cause a rebirth. It is still in a thought evolving stage and others may have a better vision.. However, if there is ever going to be a future for Plainfield something has to start someplace.

Those that would accept the idea and refine it should come together as a dedicated group I would name "Plainfied Visionairs" with a goal of forging definitive programs with priorities to be presented to the Council and Administration for approval and city participation as needed. I am considering this group to eventually adopt Non-Profit Status after an initial feeling out period so that it can be the facilitator of any "rebirth" programs that may need Private or Public/Private funding.

There must originally a very small core to start, but expansion could be rapid  as soon as direction can be established. I could clarify. I would hope that at some point an experienced Grantsman like April Stefel would be part of the core group since funds will be the key word.  Also some pro-bono attorneys, businessmen merchants and just plain imaginative citizens without per agendas will  be the working groups. Topsy grows as ideas and time dictates..

I envision focusing on various projects and trying to establish priorities. These are listed  in an order that i feel important but that will be the decision of the Work Group.. The list is of course incomplete as I am flying this subject;
  • The restoration of a workable medical facility on the Muhlenberg Campus. The lack of  a hospital facility within minutes will kill any revitalization of the community'
  • The development of the Wood site for a Recreational Program site including paying fields and a building that can support athletics, club activities, and be available for all age groups. The Grant Ave Train site and four corners could be developed for commercial use-This was a low priority on the Vision Study but in my opinion should be equated with the hospital as a necessity. Due to the present problems in the area a police substation should be adjacent.  Since this will serve the projects it must have sincere consideration.
  • Redevelopment of the city core as in the Vision Study. Because of the uniqueness of some of the older buildings an effort should be made for  designation of selected ones as an historic site or the area for  the facades.
  • Redevelopment of the railroad corridor between Richmond Street and Netherwood Station starting on the North side with replacing the antiquated relics that are still standing. This will have to be a total new construction. The large factories on the South Side will have to be evaluated if they are salvageable for manufacturing or any other use. the likelihood is that they too will need replacement. This must have AAA priority. Consultants will be needed and fund raised. The Non-Profit status  will help for this and teh Wood project.
  • The Netherwood TOD with possible inclusion  of the Armory as a Recreational focus.for the 1st and 2nd Ward areas.
  • The Clinton Ave development per the Vision Study
  • Replacement of the old Mack Truck Buildings with development of small to moderate size commercial/manufacturing properties  similar to the Richmond-east development.
  • The New York City Direct connection will  be a fact (not in my lifetime but perhaps in the next decade). Equally important should be the lobbying for the restoration of the tracks from Cranford to Eport for one or two car fast train service from the west to make access for workers to industrial areas along the line including those near the airport. 
This may be a wild fantasy but I hope there are people  who can share my vision and try to make it work. I would hope that I could be included for my two pennies worth.

Early on some one will have be a chairperson to make sure that every thing is active. I would work with that person.

After I had written this  Sunday night, in rereading Tony's blog I for the first time noticed two comments which indicated that others have similar thoughts. I hope that anonymous who indicates a group is being formed would  trade ideas with me. I do not have the stamina to form such a group since as the author of the infamous "Scarlet Letter" credited me with being at least a 100 years or more old.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Green and the BOE

Although Jerry Green has recently been flooding his  blog with press releases about bills passed in the Legislature and signed by  the Governor, he also includes an entry stating frequently  buries  among the mass entries. Is a “personal” blog that has to do with local matters. Such was his yesterday’s entry.

I am pleased that Assemblyman Green mentioned my blog and our common interest in the BOE activities and finances. He too is questioning the combined salary and stipend “stipend: a fixed sum of money paid periodically for services or to defray expenses” (Dictionary definition), He unlike me, is able to walk the walk. I trust he will follow through and report back in his blog.

He also correctly notes that;” Recently in one of his blogs, he publicly acknowledged that I am not responsible for the decisions being made at the BOE”. However he incorrectly writes:” He is probably the first person that has finally acknowledged that I do not run this City, nor do I make day-to-day operating decisions for the City”.
In his two or more decades as local Party Chairman he has much more than the passing impact on who runs for office or receives an appointment.  Except for the McWilliams interlude he was the de facto administrative and Council power in the city.

I t is true that he has little influence in the BOE. But that is true because in the preceding election a Campbell slate defeated the candidates that Green favored. And in this past election there were three more Campbell l sycophants were unopposed for election.  Unfortunately this faction seems to be carrying on in the tradition of its predecessor Boards.

Assemblyman Green should and must have a vested interest I the BOE as well as the community. The question of whether a stipend on top of a salary is a subterfuge to circumvent the new State mandated cap is a valid one Greens involvement should be a paternal one and if he notices irregularities he should use his “powers” for remedial action.  I am sure he will follow through and report back on his interaction with the Department of Education.

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Sorry Cory, but Plainfield's salvation does not depend on Transit Village nodes based on increased residential and local commercial buildings within a quarter mile walking distance to those stations. I can not deny that those plans from the recent study are similar to what has worked in other communities, but for Plainfield the concept is 10 years too late.

One failure lies in the fact that they will not provide a significant increase in rateables to justify their potential increase demands on public services; police,fire, sanitation and perhaps schools. Nor will they offer an opportunity for employment for the blue collar  city residents, a pressing need. However these projects should not be abandoned and if and when an exceptional opportunity arises could be implemented.

Do I have any  better suggestions? Yes and No; Yes there are two; but one is only in concept. No in that which  I propose is an idea that needs refining  and a willingness to take a chance on something that may not have been tried elsewhere. There has to be a redevelopment for light industry and other commercial use along the railroad corridor.

A concept as Colleen Gibney  pointed out yesterday in a comment to this blog  " this type of project has to be managed with active public-private partnerships and with significant expertise and professional management. This model would also require a meaningful investment."

The Vision Study seemed to treat the 4th Ward portion of the corridor as an afterthought. It is my opinion that the most important recommendation of the Vision Study is the transformation of the old Wood plant site into a large recreation facility campus. Additionally the plans for transformation of the factory site at Clinton Ave plus a train stop could have a positive effect in rehabilitation of the Ward. I agree with Rucker that a sub-policed station in that area is a must.

As Ms Gibney wrote this whole idea is too big for our Administration with or without Council participation to handle. Since there must be public funding plus either major Grant finds or private investments. A commission, task force or authority composed of residents with significant business or specialty expertise should be formed to look into and initiate what ever program can make this a practical solution. Of course the City Government  will be part of the process and have the say on any impact upon the city's finances.

I would suggest that the initial group which has to be free of any political centralization be not more the  10 to 12 withe the ability to expand membership as it sees need. All of its members must be civic minded and that they consider the city as a whole not a collection of  four wards. Accepting that premise if the membership comes from only the 2nd and 3rd Wards the other two should not consider that they are being shut out.

Friday, June 24, 2011


There are three reasons that I still subscribe to the Courier; The first is to read Mark Spivey's reporting on Plainfield affairs, the second his to read his beer column and the third is to check the obituaries. Since there are only a few of my peers left ,my checking now is to make sure my name is not listed.

To learn that #1 will no longer be a factor is in effect an announcement that for all practical reasons Plainfield is now worthy of only an obituary notice.

The trend  continues. Decades ago the Newspaper set its sights on Somerset and Hunterdon Counties and wrote off Western Union County especially Plainfield. In fact the only news published were usually of a criminal action which encouraged people not to come into Plainfield's commercial district. That was followed  by the closing of the Macy's and other retail chain stores. The Malls were blamed for the unprofitability of merchandising in  Plainfield, but in reality it was the reputation that became the straw that broke the camel's back. Deterioration in  the school system and two to three decades of city government that appeared to be more interested in staying in power rather than improving the city accelerated the process.

The final nail in the coffin was the closing of Muhlenberg Hospital and the loss of available quick state of the art medical care. The Corzine government wrote Plainfield off as of no value.

Phoenix rose from the ashes. Plainfield may be able to do so if our leadership would take the needed steps to avail itself of all expertise living in  the city. I can not see that happening under the present administration which is locked into cronyism and has no regard for those that object to its inadequacies.

There has been a history of leadership that has shelved any imaginative program instead of implementing one single unique object to revitalize the city. It may not be too late to stop the talk and walk the walk, but we will n ever know if the Administration and Council are not willing to take radical steps.

The present plans for the Armory is not one of them.  It may or may not have a place as a public building in our future; but once more  a non political task force should be assembled by Mayor & Council collaboratively to look into the situation.

The City has to be committed to do something that may be risky. I for one feel that the Wood property should be the site of an extensive recreational for all ages facility. If we had the Grants men we need  it might be possible.

Likewise, we need a task force to see what  should be the focus on redevelopment along the railroad corridor. What light industry can be attracted with replacement of old antiquated structures using PILOT bait. Plainfield needs rateables more than Transit Villages focusing on residencies.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Even I have doctor's appointments. And when on e is i n the morning even early and the other after lunch the whole day can be shot.

Like many of us to paraphrase a Will Rogers statement " All I know is what I read in the papers" by adding 'and watch on the TV news broadcasts" I feel ignorant and bewildered about municipal life in this dysfunctional city OZ (Plainfield).

After reading the over 100 page agenda for the BOE meeting and not noting any action relating to the High School Principal position or the hunt for a new district superintendent, I found the Courier's report on the meeting to be consistent with Plainfield authority actions; the two most important subjects for action were introduced a "walk-ons" in order to exclude public debate.

Non of the actions taken was a surprise. Both have been Public knowledge for months. However, there has been no explanation why Dr. Bilal was fired and Mr. Brown who had been previously dismissed from the position rehired. What was the results of the non evaluations that led to this change? From this cat bird seat it would seem that Dr. Bilal has the basis for a costly suit with a good chance of winning. .

I am also very confused as to the actual contracts that were improved. approved. Mr. Brown's is not listed in the paper, But the two interim positions contain a an annual salary and a weekly stipend. What the devil is the weekly stipend? Is it a maneuver to negate Governor Christie's cap on salary? If so it is illegal.

"Belin–Pyles, who first was appointed interim superintendent in May 2010, was reappointed with a $129,000 annual salary and a $912 weekly stipend. Cooper, who was appointed interim assistant superintendent last June, will earn $131,000 with a $480 weekly stipend in 2011–12."

If my 1st grade calculations are right Belin-Pyles will receive yearly$129,000.00 plus as weekly stipend an other$47,424.00 for a total of$176,424.00. Like wise Cooper's total income will be $155,960.00 not $131,000.00. Will pension benefits be based on the total number? what other dollar perks to they get?

The "SLAM" promised openness and accountability. Please advise how much in actual dollars is this latest unpublicized board action going to reduce available educational school dollars? A open reply please.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

By now the Courier article on the BOE/PSS action regarding Dr. Bilal ,the High School Principal for the past three years should be common knowledge. Last Thursday I commented CLICK . on the proposed action.

My comments stand. Despite a turnover in the BOE it still seems to be a dysfunctional body that has continued the practiced of cronyism that has prevented the PSS from producing a positive atmosphere. The continued changes in Superintendents and school principals undermines any attempt to create and follow a definitive plan.

The BOE must get its act together; keep the public informed as to the "whys and wherefores" and not hide behind a false curtain of protecting the victim's "personal rights". From the news media articles in this case Dr.Bilal has made his case public; and I quote from the paper: “Obviously, there was a movement out there to remove me,” Bilal concluded, adding that he felt there were some “preconceived notions” that led to his dismissal and that a lack of communication from Belin–Pyles since her May 2010 appointment was “par for the course.”

“I know that the board members who didn’t vote for me didn’t look at the data. They didn’t look at anything,” Bilal said. “I wish Plainfield no ill will ... but after being there for three successful years, I think they treated me pretty badly."

Once again Plainfield's School System history of settlements and associated legal fees appears to be repeated. What percentage of our yearly annual budget is allocated to those items?

Assemblyman Green has devoted part of his blog Tuesday to this very subject. click. Although he has no effect on the Board his concerns are justified and we do need answers.

Later today after the last of the "Oh Hellers" has left the situation at the old homestead will return more to the normal and I shall be able to resume a more coherent blog.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A unique Council meeting Monday night to say the least. It ended shortly after 10:15pm; No one took advantage of the opportunity to address the Council in the pre-Resolution/Ordinance slot. There were only two no major deviations from Robert's Parliamentary Rules of Order'

The Meeting started with a reading of the names of the members of the 2011 Class of the PHS Hall of Fame and the introduction of the few that were present. Plainfield High School has had a glorious history and it is sad that there is the continuous presence of turmoil in leadership starting at the top of the system. The only thing missing from the list of meritorious graduates was my name.

After the 30+ liquor license resolutions were approved by individual unanimous vote, the other resolutions seemed to be acted upon with only 2 negative votes twice.

A Resolution amending the Council's Rules of Order legitimizing this years established public participation was passed unanimously. One procedure glitch occurred at the end of the meeting when Councilor Storch proposed an amendment to that resolution including time and procedures for the Councilor's discussion. This was passed with some objection from Councilor Reid. The acting Corporation Counsel did not point out that unless there is a vote to reconsider an acted upon resolution at the same meeting there can be no change made without the passing of a new resolution.

The other parliamentary glitch occurred with the year end funds transfers from one line item to another. There was a rather confusing three way discussion between Councilor Mapp, CFO Zelinsky and the new acting City Administrator in which there was a redirecting of some of the changes but leaving a $1,000.00 in limbo to remain in a Recreation account.

The number changes and their reason illustrated the need the city has had to have qualified individuals in those key positions. One gets the unfortunate impression that before Mr Zelinsky arrived there has been use of designated funds from one line item for other purposes with out any Council input which should be required by law.

One gets the impression that our new CFO is an astute political animal who will not permit improper usage of funds.

The Resolution relating to the Elmwood Gardens was confusing in that Randall Wood the Plainfield Housing Authority CEO seemed to indicate that the resolution was in part to designate the area as a redevelopment area. However he also remarked that all this resolution was designed to do was to establish a task force to study the options opened for the project and adjoining residences.

There is no question that those antiquated buildings are need of replacement and if the purpose of that resolution was to give approval for a task force to study the feasibility of plans already on the table or to pave the way for a resolution to appoint a private developer for the project. That will come if the Council agrees on a redevelopment plan.

As the last item under Resolutions; a resolution to prohibit plus or minus salary adjustment to city employees who were not under contract (union?) was introduced verbally as new business. None of the Public had any idea of its nature, and it was obvious that only a few of the Councilors had read it prior to introduction. The Acting Corporation Council questioned if it was in conflict with the City Charter and suggested that the Council postpone voting. Although Councilor Reid suggested that they listen to the Corporation Council, there was no motion to table and it passed with 2 no votes.

Council Report.

Probably late this afternoon. Sorry family comes first.

Monday, June 20, 2011


A pleasant quiet weekend spent here with my "DC daughter." My Roanoke daughter and son-in law will be back from the up state wedding they attended for dinner tonight and will also be here for a few more days.

I did not have time to hit the Library to go over the support papers for tonight's agenda and it could be possible that I may not be able to attend. That I would regret. Despite the time required for individual voting on the 30 or so resolutions relating to the renewal of "liquor licenses" only about 6 that are denials or condition modified may need Council discussion. More important, T\there are many other resolutions that are of interest but unfortunately about which I have no information:
  • R177A-11 Amending the Rules of Order for the 2011 Plainfield Council
  • R211-11 Releasing Comcast from a commitment to build the " Park Madison Site" per Ordinances MC 2000-14;MC 2003-13 and the NJ BPU renewal certificate.
  • The resolutions relating to the change in the fiscal year and a temporary budget.
  • A resolution to apply for a State Grant to participate in the State JAG program.
There are also 4 new resolutions not discussed last Tuesday night. Three are of major interest;
  • A cooperative agreement with Union County for conducting certain Community Development Activities
  • An agreement with County to modify the Inter-Local Services Agreement
  • AND MOST IMPORTANT- Authorizing the Planning Board t o conduct and hold a public hearing on what I supposed is the on the Housing Authority's plans for appropriation of properties and the replacement of the troubled 2nd street apartments.(Elmwood Gardens)
If I can get there I will. If not, I am sure that there will be adequate media and blogger coverage but it should be a meeting that requires citizen's participating.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Oh Hellers

The Richmond faction instead of the Ohio group of the "Oh Hellers"# are here for a short rare two day visit. My Granddaughter-in -law is becoming quite a card shark. Genes by osmosis works.

Thursday night before they left to drive part way here their subdivision of over 900 homes had a swim meet. My 5 year old great-grandson swam in a 25 ' (one pool length) free style (occasional dog paddle break) race. I presume age division. My great-granddaughter (age 8) was in 3 events a 25 and a 50 freestyle; her form was darn good for kids that had only this year entered into any formal swimming program, and a 25 backstroke which she won her heat.

In this day and age, video cameras, smart phones, Facebook, computers can capture ans share all such events.

I have been very impressed by this small community of mixed interracial blue and and white couple low average income middle class provisions for recreation and its the school system.

Needless to say there will be no serious blog today unless a "stop the press" situation occurs.

Happy Great Grandfather Day,

# "Oh Hell" is a 10 deal card game,which has been very family competitive for well over 40 years. The Grandchildren and some of the Children look forward to it. Best played with 5 players.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


In Oz no news should be good news, but that ain't so. Also when there is news it usually contributes to the overall depressive atmosphere.

The antidote is to not read the newspapers or the local blogs. Even the stupid personal scandals that are almost daily featured in the TV news reports can lighten the mood.

The "ground breaking truce" of a few weeks ago has shown cracks with newly reported shootings. A local "Job Fair" seems to have been as valid as the recent day of revelation. The City has already been committed to one project without understanding all the potential negatives involved. I refer to the solar panels installation.

Now the "ShotSpotter" program is back on the front burner. I do not believe that there has been sufficient impartial evidence provided to demonstrate that it is of true anti-crime value.

The Armory Bargain is no such thing. A 20-25 year unsecured lease to a commercial enterprise for a Charter School has as much more chance to become by default a municipal burden. Once again "If it is too good to be true it probably isn't." . No one knows what the potential city liability could be. If the Charter School Bubble burst, and it will, what will the building be used for? Will the proprietary corporation have title in its name or in a dummy corporation's name so it can walk away unscathed?

While on this subject of Schools, Maria's daily expose of weird and contrary actions of the PSD and the BOE exposes both a Board and an Administrative organization that has no idea of the rules and regulations inherent in their roles.

The latest imperious insipidity involves the recommendation not to grant the High School Principal tenure despite the over whelming number of teachers and parents that have supported him. One must suspect that there is a personality issue involved in this case which the Interim Superintendent of Schools refuses to reveal on the grounds that it is a "Personal Issue" and must be protected.

I believe that Mr. Brian Bilal has made public his "Donaldson Hearing" and waved his right of personal privacy. Thus the position of Interim Superintendent Anna Belin-Pyles that she can not reveal the charges against him is a false one designed only to protect the Board and the district administration.

Are we positioning ourselves once more to spend money that should be used for education on legal fees and fault payments to an injured party? Let us have the facts.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I have noted that I would be unable to attend Tuesday night's Council Agenda Session and Special Meeting. Thank goodness, perhaps someone will listen to my cries in the wilderness about the inappropriateness of the once a monthly Agenda Setting and Business Meeting format.

No body can function efficiently when exposed to mental fatigue. Nor do I believe that presence through a conference call phone meets the fiduciary needs for a Councilor.

Any remarks I make about that meeting is of course based solely on third hand information derived from other bloggers and perhaps the news media.

I share probably to the frustration of those anonymous commentators who decry what they perceive to be my bias for the New Democrats, Councilor Reid's opposition to the "ShotSpotter " program. Councilor Storch may be more opened minded but in his blog he too gives a valid reason to be skeptical about its efficiency. It is at best reactive and not proactive. The argument that cars leaving an incident area can be intercepted is at best a week one and perhaps may lead to legal issues that will be expensive in the long run. Presence of police has been the greatest deterrent to date.

The "Armory Plan" still seems to have no concrete basis for consideration. At best it will be another "Tepper's Basement". If it could be converted for Recreational uses at a reasonable cost and without creating a nuisance situation in the neighborhood it could be a poor but temporary substitution for a well developed Rahway styled Recreation Complex using the old Wood Press property. We are already years behind times in trying to develop grant funding for such a project.

Councilor Storch position on the road repavement program is right on target. Six years of sub par or no leadership in the Public Works Division has led to a haphazard following of what was in 2005 a well developed plan for replacement of poor streets. Watchung Ave is a prime example; the worse section is still not even in the planning stages whereas sections that were only in need of good maintenance and requiring utilities that had opened the roadway to make a proper closure have either been repaved or put on schedule.

Leland Ave especially from the brook to Front Street represents a test course for off the road vehicles. Once again the deterioration was hastened by improper closing of the utility dug trench.The other portion of that street could be preserved if their was proper use of repaving equipment the city already owns.

Primary Streets must have top priority because they give the first and most import impression about the city.However, the secondary neighborhood roads must also not be neglected and a definitive plan for their upgrading must be followed. There always remains a question whether the city actively pursued stimulus funds grants for these projects. The eliminating positions held by experience grant grants has certainly been Penny wise and Dollar foolish.

The employing a highly qualifying "Rent an Administrator" for 90 days is a good stop gap action, BUT what is the status of the search for a permanent City Administrator? Has Plainfield's history impacted on such a search, if their even is an active one? One would think that it would be to Administration's advantage to have Council Members as part of a search team.

From Friday on to midweek this blogs activities will be compromised by the presence at various times of children ,if the youngest being 60 can be called a child, a much welcomed visit for a Grandson, his wife and two delightful great-grandchildren. I will find time if there is sufficient merit to post.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Council Meeting 6/14/11

There are over 30 resolution son tonight's agenda relating to liquor licenses. Most will require no discussion. A few will probably be recommended for a no vote pending resolution of certain problems.

Of the remainder resolutions one is for $250000.00 for participation in the Justice Assistance Grant. Not having read the backup material I can assume it is for legal counsels for those who do not or can not afford a lawyer. This will be on next week's agenda.

There is an Ordinance for first reading granting the City title over"Roads and Parking Lots" on property at 916-919 South Av e. This will require explanation since the odd/even address numbers suggest that the street itself is involved.

The majority of time will be taken up not by the Mayor's "Special Meeting" which has four must items, but by the 2 discussion subjects.

The "Shotspotter Initiative" is again the up for consideration. Without hearing what is being said but from previous presentations I fail to see how this will help reduce the crime rate. An educated public could be just as effective if not more so and the funds could be better used. This is one of the pie in the sky solutions and should be treated with skepticism..

The other subject about which I would like to have more info is the proposed leasing of the Armory. Unfortunately, since I can not be present Tuesday night, I shall have to rely on other blogger's reports and the media if it is on site.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Thank you Dwayne E. Wilkins

Thank you Dwayne E. Wilkins for your comment to yesterday's blog. I have taken the liberty to reproduce the essential portion as the body of this morning's post. There should be no question that 90% of the community agrees 100% with you.

"As a businessman, marketer and over 20 years in sales/sales management, one develops a thick skin. I entered this season with one, and pragmatically sifted through what I thought was fact and fiction. As someone who knocked on many doors in the 2nd Ward, I got a chance to speak with lots of my neighbors. Good, decent people.

They don't speak of the venom and fervor by which some demonize Green, nor do they care to see unnecessary attacks, they want our politicians to work together.

To get into a room, put aside ideology and personal dislike, and SERVE THE PEOPLE with decency and respect.

Granted, you may not like this one or that one, but if they've won an election and are in office for 2 or 4 years, it behooves us to work with them.

My hope is those who serve the public do just that, serve the public. NOT PERSONAL IDEALOGY, NOT A CHOSEN FEW, BUT ALL OF THE PEOPLE of Plainfield.

Many people I met grew up here. Many of them are trying to raise families here. We must have a WORKMANLIKE approach to the BUSINESS of this city.

No more studies - ACTION. No more "want to work with this one or that one" but actually roll up the sleeves and WORK with them.

I got involved with this city because of the cost of living and recreation for kids in this town. This is a beautiful city, with well manicured lawns and wonderful blocks, good people and a lot of talent.

To our Administration - I challenge you to be inclusive of ideas and work. You have a lot of power – use it to unite, not divide. Everyone is NOT an ENEMY.

To our Council members – PLEASE do work. Call each other. Talk to each other. Don’t spend your time defending and building up your positions, actually be conciliatory and figure out ways to do work for this city. Get out of the blame game. See how things CAN work rather than CAN’T work.

To the Blogger/Media community – Use your power to BUILD UP our City – not divide and tear it down. Focus on our residents. Fuel positivity.

To the people of Plainfield – DON’T GIVE UP! Please offer your talent to help all of our neighbors, young and old."

The call in this letter is one that must be heeded. Undoubtedly, my remarks will be perceived to be biased by many. They probably are but are based on observations as an interested citizen who attends the Council meetings. I can not know what happens behind close doors. Thus I must draw conclusions from what appears to be obvious.

Council President McWilliams has been its most Democratic leader in over 2 decades. I believe that she has attempted to smooth the differences prevent a well functioning city. There is an openness at the public sessions, started by former Councilor Burney, that had been missing several years ago. This has been manifested by the public interest in the meetings.

The Councilors who for better or worse, have been elected by the public do have the interest of the city at heart or they would not be serving. It is questionable at times if various Councilors understand that their fiduciary responsibility is to the entire population of the city, not one specific ward. I still believe that the semi-monthly meeting schedule offers the Councilors a better opportunity to comprehend issues involved. At times the sheer volume of work overwhelms the capabilities of rationalization.

Unfortunately. as long as the Mayor persists in a policy of personal government rather than a collaborative one, the polarization in this two faction one party town will precluded any such cooperative action . Too often she "shoots from the hip" motivate by emotions of the moment rather than taking the time to reflect on all aspects of her actions. At other times as evident in the Recreation Commission/Committee dispute personal loyalty has clouded a impartial review of the problem to the detriment of the community.

Essential administrative post can not be allowed to be vacant for prolong periods of time. Yet that has been the norm under this autocratic administration. Likewise "Commission" vacancies must be filled with qualified citizens selected in conjunction with Council input, not as a personal gift or political reward.

There are many highly capable citizens who would serve if asked. Persons who have the capability of forgetting factional differences for the betterment of the city. We have such a wealth of human resources, including the writer of the quoted letter, who have already demonstrated their desire for a better Plainfield.

I beseech Administration and Council to take advantage of our wealth.

Both Councilors and Mayor must heed Mr. Wilkin's letter.

Today's Post

I have withdrawn for further editing today's post which I had written early this am. On reflection some of my phraseology could justifiably be subject to  unfavorable misinterpretation. It will be back up before noon  Sorry for the delay.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

tony tony!!

Tony, Tony, I thought better of you than to think that you would attack me for not supporting you. If I openly appeared to have supported any candidate  it was unintentional and may  have been through negative comments about  his/hers opponent's  literature. If one takes in to account all emails send to all "public bloggers" private for election blogs, snail mailings, windshield fliers etc. it became obvious that although both sides  shared some guilt one faction far outdid the other in the slime level material.  I don't believe you can  point out any attack upon you  in the opinions  of the  three independent Plainfield Bloggers. If you can please email me me those excerpts. Do not included the one we know to be politically biased.

I have already posted your commentary  to the  blog to which it was addressed but I am repeating it here since it deserves clarification. I have taken the liberty to post my responses in red immediately after the phrases in  your email that are either in disputable or correct. The "blue" entrees represent direct quotes which I copied.

Tony Rucker has left a new comment on your post "POST ELECTION"                            
"I read your posts Doc   I do appreciate that and I look first thing in the AM for your post..

"Your ambiguous statement of a candidate's supporter saying things that were "near libelous" is hardly taking the bull by the horns and being specific enough for anybody to know who the heck you are talking about". I am not sure of the reference. Do you mean the attack on the New Democrat Candidates by a flier
that I did not see but reported mentioning Mr. Mapp’s financial problems, or the recent mention  in Mr. Green’s blog of another New Democrat’s legal problems which is the only source I had? If so you are right; I was being non specific because I didn’t think I should identify the individuals who were the subject of another blog or comment. Was it I who used the term “near libelous”? I have been unable to find the reference although I have used it in the past to mollify the tone of other’s statements..--- You never said anything when Dan Damon called me this hateful names. Just sat there silent. If it would have been Green you would have been all over it. I don't respect Damon but at least I know what he stands for. What do you stand for Doc? Do you have the strength to stand up against hate filled speech no matter where it comes from------Did you want me to write a blog critical of Dan Damon? I think I expressed my distaste on June 6 when I wrote  No one can approve of the recent Damon posting but at least there is a REAL NAME  (by that I meant that it was not a person hiding as anonymous) signed to it. The material sent out and posted by the Regular Democrats is perhaps I should  have inserted "also" in this spot, would have equated the tone of both campaigners) trash; distortions and unproven accusations.   Rucker should have learned from the Burney's loss that there are people that are turned off by this type of a campaign., To try to deny association with the source doesn't work. When one goes to bed with someone you have made a choice” I believe that is the only negative comment I made about you. That is unless you consider this comment   of June 2 in reply to  a comment in my 6/1/11 blog: I did not think that I was being too obtuse for you when I wrote-- "Tony Rucker on the "Green" ticket seems to be a Maverick and may well bring an independent view to the Council. His responses to many of the questions would not have endeared him to Green". --- I did not think that I was labeling him as a rubber stamp. I should apologize to Rucker if that is the impression my blog left. I have not taken an official position on any candidate.
We've talked and you know damn well I am not one to come up with any of this negative crap. Please Tony, you repeated too many times the “PMUA money to Storch” and either you or you supporters especially Green, his daughter’s job with the PMUA

I thought I noticed a Storch sign in your front yard.  There was one next door where a candidate for the PDCC lives.  I rarely have permitted any campaign signs on my lawn.
However, would that have been a crime if I had allowed one? I did for the last Republican candidate for Mayor as a protest against the incompetency of the present  administration. With Plainfield's registration what chance does  a Republican have? The council is headed in the same dreadful direction it was before the election Read my blog 12/11/11 we agree. and with the same people coming back you tell me how that is supposed to change. See below

Look up innovation in the dictionary and I promise you will not find a picture a Cory Storch. But some are quite comfortable with the idea of the status quo. I hope you're not in that group. I favor term limits.

Lastly you paint everyone with the same brush in Column A. You honestly thought that Storch means change for the better versus what I would have meant in Plainfield.  On what basis can you make that assessment? Please explain. If the voters continue to elect the machine candidates year after year there can be no change. In Union County the county machine remains most powerful. I can find no rational to believe that you  would have any impact. Less because of the company you kept.

It's time to change Plainfield Doc."  Tony it  is long past time. 

I wish to point out that I post ALL comments that I receive, the complimentary ones as well as the derogatory
staetments as long as they meet a standard of decency

Saturday, June 11, 2011


Now that the mud-slinging silly season of the pre-Primary days have passed without any materialistic change in local politics we can settle down again to a diet of farcical interplay between the Mayor and Council.

Since I did not receive the same email as Bernice I am sure that the Mayor did call a Special Council Meeting as prescribed in the City Charter. There is a slight procedural problem; The Special; Meeting is called for at 7:30pm Tuesday June 14, 2011 the very same time the Council is suppose to open its Regularly Scheduled Agenda Setting Session and at the same venue. 

Which meeting takes precedence? I believe that the regular scheduled meeting shall unless notification is posted that its time is moved or in the meeting agenda there is notice that the Regular meeting will be adjourned at x hour to consider the subject matter of the Special Meeting.

Once again these are matters that should have been on the May Council Agenda.

I see one legitimate way to handle this if anyone is interested in proper procedures; The call for the Special meeting can be made for say 7:35pm or more realistic at 7:45pm. The agenda session can be convened and then by vote adjourned to consider the matter of the Special Meeting. The motion for adjournment must contain a time to reconvene.

All this nonsense could be adverted. I can not understand why there is a need for a special meeting. Unless Administration has done something that is not kosher, all four items could have been added to the agenda for Tuesday night's meeting to be voted upon in the regular order of business at the Council's regular meeting 9/20/2011.

The following four items of the Special meeting to be considered are and my comment to follow:
RESOLUTION TO APPROVE TRANSFERS BETWEEN FY 2011 APPROPRIATIONS OF THE GENERAL FUND OF THE CITY OF PLAINFIELD. This is probably to provide funds for several individuals who by law were to be terminated in May. This includes the Purchasing Officer whose continual employment the new CFO says is a necessity.

This makes legal the employment of a well qualified “Rent a City Administrator” for 90 days by charter.
If this individual has been working here his contract has to be retroactive.

An item I queried the Council a month ago at the agenda or regular meeting. The move is a good one. The onus for the delay has to come from administration

. The second reading will have to come at the July business meeting of the Council. I am not sure if the timetable will be upset. This too should have been on the table at the May meetings, to be approved June 20, 2011.

Thursday, June 9, 2011


I am still delaying any in depth blog on several subjects:
  1. The first will be on Tuesday night's Special Council Meeting which I shall be unable to attend. I am pleased that even though there has been a month delay in scheduling the resolutions and ordinance to change the city's fiscal year this long overdue action is taking place.
  2. Both Thursday's Star Ledger and the New York Times had first page lead articles on proposed changes in state retirement plans dealing respectively with New Jersey and New York. Included was noted union opposition.
  3. Assemblyman Green's Thursday post in his blog congratulating the winners in Plainfield. Unfortunately he again turns his "thoughts" to attacks on Councilor Storch and in at least two separate places calls attention by indirect reference to an other blogger's supposed problem. I wrote "supposed" because until I read Green's blog I had no inkling that there could be any incident. Oh well that person is only an "Ersatz Green Republican" according to recent flies and postings and can not be a disgrace to the local PDC.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Now that the elections are over and we have a week to calm down I am taking the opportunity to share a most gorgeous cell phone camera picture that my son took during a recent Canadian Rockies visit.

The site is along the Athabasca River,near Jasper Alberta. The train on the Canadian National tracks is "going" not "Coming, thus the engine is a pusher.


For the first time in over 60 years I did not vote  in an important primary election. That was not because I did not wished to but was unable. I spent Monday and Tuesday in a non religious purgatory (JFK). Explanation to follow.

No surprise in the Council races. Once again I believe that the tactics of the Regular Democrats hurt their candidate in that ward. In the 1st/4th Wars race I would have been surprised if Greaves had been defeat4ed especially considering the Green's strength in the 1st Ward.

Apparently  by  a rough count Green by a large majority  retained control of the Democrat City Committee. 

The results mean that there will be no change in the Administration/Council relationships for 2012.

Monday, June 6, 2011


The local Party has never been reluctant to run a gutter campaign. This year they seem to be outdoing themselves. It may be good politics, which I doubt, but it is an affront to every moral abiding resident.

No one can approve of the recent Damon posting but at least there is a REAL NAME signed to it. The material sent out and posted by the Regular Democrats is trash; distortions and unproven accusations. Rucker should have learned from the Burney's loss that there are people that are turned off by this type of a campaign., To try to deny association with the source doesn't work. When one goes to bed with someone you have made a choice

It has also become obvious (see my comment in  "Abdil-Haqq Comments" Sunday. that the Regular Democrat Party slate is using  an organized campaign via ANONYMOUS comments to various blogs as a method to smear the two New Democrat candidate

I have read on another blog that they have attacked  through car fliers an  individual's private financial status. Since the "victim" is a leader of the opposition to the entrenched party leaders the attempt is to discredit the candidates on line C. There can have been only two sources of that information, the person who delivered the legal document or the County Sheriff's office.

I had not had any intention of promoting any candidate this election, however the tone for this "party nominee selecting  election" would suggest that those who wish a change locally and county wise do not cast a vote for the unopposed in Column A and where there is a choice vote Column B and C. It is always possible that a change will not be for the better but it can not get worse. 

Tomorrow go to the polls. Vote your conscience and go home assured that you made the right choice. The important thing is that every one who has the right to vote must use it.

Saturday, June 4, 2011


Today I am taking the lazy way out; Instead of writing a blog I have assembled all the relative  comments posted to my two blogs about the "Abdul-Haqq Affair". The last three are long items from two other bloggers and I  am sure that they can expound on their differences in their own blogs.

Mr. Schuman states correctly that "The Law is the Law". But that does not mean that it is correct or should not be subject to attempts to right its "wrongs".  There can be a legal route although I don't believe that this is an issue that the ACLU  would consider so cost to overturn it could be prohibitive. The other path  would be public outrage that would encourage the legislature to amend the flaws in this law.

The problem in this particular application is a moral one. It has resulted in divided opinions as these comments represent. All are unedited except that spacing has been closed.

  And there are people who still feel that the State of Florida should have tried to reform and rehabilitate Ted Bundy so he could contribute to society.
  The laws are there for a reason, and we may disagree with some or feel that they are unfair but they are the law1 And there are proper ways to get them changed!
  Bloomberg was able to get the term limits law changed in NY . . . of course he had more money than God! (Sorry for the old saying, but a lot of people really do have more money than God . . . he doesn't need any!).
  I will never be able to understand the mind set of people who are against the death penalty but all for third trimester abortions on demand.
  I believe that the new law you are talking about needs a ammendment which allows for a process or proceedure whereby someone who has proved themselves rehabilitated and worthy again to society should be granted an exemption on a one by one basis!

Anonymous said...
   Hi Doc I read your blog all the time and I find it very honest but sometimes more research need to be done.
   Did you know the board Fired a good principal at jefferson school who i should say was very well qualified to hire a principal who do not have the qualification that were set in writing on the job description.
  Yes mrs. Wilma Campbell is the chair of human resources and yes another down fall for the district. Mrs Campbell was on cirriculum and instrucions and messed up now she is screwing around with our children hiring administrator's who are not qualified. Please do your research on that.
Anonymous said...
  Not knowing for sure whether the bill was targeted towards this particular board member, but what is a shame is that this board member is clearly a role model for second chances and he should be applauded for his contributions to society.

Anonymous said...
  The BOE members now serving on the board if you watch this mess unfold you will see that they are not for the children of plainfield. Just watch what i say that will not be the only administrator to be hired unqualified. I am doing my research now just watch the nepotism thats going on there now. No one is being held accountable. I work for the district and while i was not a gallon fan, I wish he was still here to apply a healthy fear that the employees had. I do my work and other's dont its a shame. SHAME ON THEM

Anonymous said...
  This seems to be a case of reaping what is sowed.
  Although Abdul Haqq may be a caring, devoted citizen in your eyes, he is no better than many of the politicians he tries to criticize.
  He ran on a platform against a superintendent who he admitted privately was moving the district forward. He ran just to get his friends regired, Graves and Casey.
  He ran as a pawn for Wilma Campbell who has been SILENT, NOT A SINGLE WORD OF SUPPORT for him during this time.
  Abdull Haqq had his OWN agenda. Now the gig is up.
  It seems to me that many of the chickens are coming home to roost.
  With the news that the BOE hired a principal at Jefferson that did NOT meet the minimum requirements lets see how long Wilma Campbell is going to hide as HR Chairperson.
  Submit the resignation Abdull Haqq.

Anonymous said...
  The photo of Abdull Haqq seems to beg for sympathy. He is not deserving of any.
  The Man upstairs rules upon the just and unjust.
  The unjust are finally getting their due.
  Mr. Haqq needs to go. He has quietly contributed to the demise of this district.
  Olddoc, do your homework.

Anonymous said...
  As a parent I have only one child. Mr Haq was convicted for one offense. We know there were probably many others he got away with.
  So yes, its a bit tough, but the bill passed almost unanimously and even the Gov is behind this.
  Surely you don't suggest Green is controlling the Gov?
  Listen, I only have one child. Mr. Haq got a second chance but if anything happens to my child, I will not get a second chance.
  I am behind this, as are all the parents I know.

Bottom of Form
 Bob said..
   Right On! I think Jerry doth protest too much. His hands are dirty and like many of the laws coming out of Trenton, this one is terribly flawed. It should apply to all politicians and people involved with children and in other circumstances. Change it, allow for people who have shown their good citizenship over the years and it will be fair.

Anonymous said...
   Isn't there such a thing as "paying your debt to society"? Trenton may have gone along with Jerry's bill not knowing it may have well been personal.
  Why does Jerry bring up doc's age? What's with people doing this?

Rob said...
   and what "talent" would it be that God endowed Jerry Green with??? A
As a member of quite possibly the 2nd or 3rd most corrupt State Legislature I don't think God would like being somehow BLAMED or given credit any State Legislator in NJ.

Anonymous said...
  Mr. Abdul Haqq was caught with HEROIN. Do you know what heroin did to the black community during those times?
  In fact, heroin was mainly concentrated in the black community and was pushed by whites and Italians.
  There is a difference between being a user and a dealer. Users dont usually go to jail and get convicted over a so called $5 dollar bag.
   All of us are not that stupid to but that lame story. Those of us in the know know better, Abdul.

   With all due respect to all who support Mr. Abdul Haqq, the law is the law.
   He must step down from the Board immediately.
   The law requires him to do so. Not stepping down is once again breaking the law.

Dr. E=mc said...
   "The law is the law" is a nebulous declaration. It rings hollow and is an absolutist connotation. Laws can also be amended hence; Plessy v. Ferguson, 163 U.S. 537 (1896), is a landmark United States Supreme Court decision in the jurisprudence of the United States, upholding the constitutionality of state laws requiring racial segregation in private businesses (particularly railroads), under the doctrine of "separate but equal".
   Had that law not been amended where would our nation be today?
  There should always be an opportunity for people to reinvent themselves while I abhor illegal drug activity and its impact in the urban community the law proposed by Mr. Green is capricious and denies one an opportunity to make amends for a bad decision.
  The question that begs an answer is why didn't Mr. Green introduce legislation for ALL public employee's?
  Oh by the way, not long ago …. in May of 1973, New York's Governor Nelson Rockefeller pushed through the state legislature a set of stringent anti-drug laws. Among the most severe in the nation, the purpose of these laws was and is to deter citizens from using or selling drugs and to punish and isolate from society those who were not deterred. This law forced judges to discriminate between the type of drug and the length of the jail term. There was much more flexibility given to the sentencing guidelines of drugs which frequented urban America and those used in suburbia.
  The sentencing guidelines were biased and those same laws were amended under President Obama…because they were WRONG as is the application of Mr. Green's legislation!

Kenneth Schuman said

dr. e=mc2,
  "The law is the law" is a nebulous declaration. It rings hollow and is an absolutist connotation."
    I dont see where the statement is nebulous. In fact, its definitive and affirmative. On this 4th day of June, 2011, "the law is the law" as it pertains to board members that are convicted felons being disallowed to serve on the board of education.
   This, sir is very clear. Your references to matters of history and law as it pertains to this matter are just those---references. It is your references though that actually "ring hollow" in this context.
   These references will be relevant and only have context if in fact this present law barring Mr. Haqq from serving is in fact overturned or amended i.e., Plessy v. Ferguson or thousands of laws that have no relevance or sense of fairness in this date and time. In matters of "case law" maybe. As a practical matter in which Mr. Haqq should step down immediately, I don't think so.
   Until such happens, "the law is the law" and in this case was a law that supported by EVERY legislator and signed by the Governor. Jerry Greens role in this law is moot because of the overwheliming support and signature of the governor for whom I don't care much for. Dont care much for the politics of our assemblyman either. But the law supercedes my dislike or disdain for either the governor or the assemblyman.
  If enough people dont agree then let the legislative or judicial process for that matter run its course. As far as I know, such a course has not yet been charted, let alone reached the point of an overturn or amend.
  Your opening statement, as most of the statements you make, is engaging and to some, maybe entertaining. But as most the statements you make, this also lacks substance in the contexts of the blog posts or comments for which you seek to respond.
  In short, what you stated there, on this day at this very time, and as it relates to Mr. Haqq's need to comply with the law as it stands today, "rings hollow." I told you last time, do your homework, sir. A quick citation of two cases doesnt quite qualify.
  Enjoy the rest of your weekend. I am off to the park for some good music, food, and fun.