Friday, July 20, 2012


Just a few unrelated tidbits for today's blog.

A 20degree drop in temperature from Wednesday to Thursday was most welcomed. The fact that we did that without suffering the effects of the  late afternoon storms is remarkable.

Bernice recent blog about the Charter Revision Ordinance reiterates some of my recent comments. I think that my remarks about the fact that Plainfield should not be bound by the Faulkner Act since its charter predates that act fell on deaf ears.

There are three major problems with the present Charter; the first being the legal one in which the  Mayor's  appointed Corporation Counsel also acts as the legal resource for the Council. No man/woman can serve two masters, The second one is the irrational allocations of divisions in the three Departments, and the final one is the anomaly of the City Clerk  who is secretary to the Council being appointed by the Mayor.

No one has sought or gotten a legal opinion why the Charter c an not be altered by an Ordinance providing for a separate attorney to the Council. Cities chartered under the Faulkner act have that right.

Likewise, during the Fury Administration there was by Ordinance a redistribution of various sections and divisions from  the Departments they were in  into a different Department. If that was "legal" then it should be now.

One of the major changes with the creation of a "civilian"Director of Police was the moving of Public Health from the Department of Public Safety to Administration and Finances. Certainly Health  should be part of Public Safety.

Finally the Faulkner act itself   allocates the selection of the City Clerk to the Council.

It would seem that the present Charter could be efficiently and quickly repaired without going through the course that we are now following. If needed an appointed Committee could study and make recommendations on a new line up of the various  divisions and even rename the departments.

Sometimes we do not appreciate enough our children and their sense of humor. As an example my 10 year old great grandson Casey is a typical "Sheldon" (Big Bang Theory). He has read all of the Harry Potter Books, is an expert on the Titanic and portions of the Civil War. Although he has an extremely high IQ he has no social skills. Like many of his era, he suffers from ADAH which is well controlled by medication. Incidentally his parents are very serious pragmatic people with no wild sense of humor. That sets the stage.

About two weeks ago his family was on vacation at the shore near Charleston South Carolina when his father developed a cellulitis in the leg and had to be hospitalized. Casey his mother  and sister were going to visit dad in the ER when he noticed a dead frog by the sidewalk: Casey said out loud "he almost made it".

The last item today deals with the two shootings Sunday night which apparently were reported by 911 calls and not through the ShotSpotter.  There also seemed from another blogger's report  much confusion on the 4th with firecrackers causing false police response.

Public Safety Director said the system needed "tweaking". It was over six months late in implementing and was supposed to be a turn key project. About a million dollars has been allocated for this tool and we still have to have some proof that it is money well spent.

Meanwhile the surveillance cameras are still in limbo.


  1. The city fortunately did not take the million dollar purchase deal, but agreed to a much cheaper lease option under $200,000. Given the problems that ensued, it was probably a wise move.

  2. All too often it seems most of our local politicians prefer a quasi-lawless form of government that puts the self interest of the connected few above the welfare of the city as a whole. I really think most of the 'outside' world sees this for what it is, and the result is we lose year after year. In a nutshell, instead of Muhlenberg Hospital we get ShotSpotter.

    No Charter change (as much as it is needed) will be effective until the scam-artists in government are voted out of office, as they so richly deserve. It is doubtful even the state will show much interest if, as is typical, we return the same scoundrels to office to rape and pillage our future.

    Too many gain political power and personal wealth by ministering to our blend of material and psychic impoverishment. There is no upside for them to relinquish the shackles and actually eliminate our servitude. Not that the majority of voters seem to care. Certainly not those living off the gravy train, or those who push a button on a machine without a minute's consideration.

  3. 12:35PM; Your comments well received,but would be more meaningful if you had at least initialed them.

    Bernice, you are right I did overlook the change in the deal from purchase to lease. Unfortunately the terms of the lease I do not believe were made public including for how m,any years. I am sure we can OPRA that contract.