Tuesday, July 10, 2012


The meeting opened with a bombshell. Council President Mapp reported that he had received a letter from City Administrator Berry stating that Administration would not issue the RFQ for legal and financial experts to determine if the City should proceed in dissolving the PMUA.
The communication will be the subject of a separate posting later today or in the AM.

Mysteries  solved; the  reason that the error laden resolution appointing a Registrar of Vital Statistics. did not appear on the discussion agenda was due to an action by the President of the Council  He exercised  his power as the person responsible for the content of the Council’s agenda.
Apparently he had received numerous complaints about this person’s action in her role as Registrar. Therefore he felt that he could not recommend that the Council support that resolution.

The other mystery about why Diane Sherry-Buono was being proposed to be the municipal Treasure instead of CFO was explained by Al Restaino Director of Administration and Finance, Health and Social Services. He explained that the individual was qualified to be CFO but because of limited experience she was to be #2 in the Finance Audit Division filling a role that several years ago was filled by the City Controller. Meanwhile there is a RFQ posted on the City site for a CFO.

Approved for 2nd reading at the Council meeting was an ordinance instructing Administration to place a question on the Ballot in November whether the city should go ahead with a Charter revision. The Ordinance will also include how a Commission of 5 will be selected.

Those who wish to be part of the study will b e on the ballot for voter selection. This election will be non-political and the candidates will need 100 qualified signatures to run.


  1. And Shady Sharonda strikes again and tells the people of Plainfield to bend over and like it. She has dug a hole she can't get out of and has no chance for re-election. OFF WITH HER HEAD!!!

  2. Oldoc, Tell me if I missed something. Didn't "the people" just conclude a review of PMUA? Weren't the results presented to the public? Now the mayor wants to do a new review, but this time with a committee stacked with her minions? Seems she just wants to bury the issue. Hope PMUA becomes centerpiece issue of elections this year and next. It costs us too much- rates too high (which means inefficient operations) and no federal tax deduction.