Monday, January 26, 2015


 Was I ever wrong about a meeting not taking place. See

There must be something wrong when the public is advised because of a storm to stay at home; and a controversial special meeting takes place during during normal peoples dinner hour. There is also something morally wrong   but is not legally when Councilors can make decisions (attend)  by speaker phone whereas the public must physically attend.

My question; was Watson the price of the deal. What took place defies all logic. This is not the first time our Mayor has played politics.


Even if there is no snow interference at 6pm, I have no intention of attending an unneeded Special Council meeting called for during my and others normal dinner hour. Administration is emulating the PMUA, the political target of its election campaign, by holding meetings when inconvenient for the public.

As noted, I believe that the presence of a quorum is questionable.

Ironically as I write this at 1:05 pm there was a telephone “emergency” message “from the Mayor” advising staying at home form 1pm today until the storm is over. The Council meeting however is still on the books.

Alan Goldstein’s  comment to my earlier blog, BLIZZARD 2015, hits the bull’s eye.


Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it (not) snow! Unless rescheduled early today the Mayor’s Special Council meeting will be moot.

Even without the threat of heavy snow I would expect that 4 or 5 members of the Council would be unavailable at the inconvenient 6 pm meeting time.  

The time and lack of information raises the suspicion that Administration is just playing political games. Unless there has been a smokeless filled room deal the greenies will not approve any PMUA appointments, nor the position of Motor Manager. If Watson is to continue to be the anointed Public Works Director; Mapp’s credibility will suffer.

Watson may be the best available for the job and also a qualified Plainfielder, but to ignore the PMUA scandal and the Dunn/Sander/ Tolliver gift is unconscionable.

Is the “Forensic Audit” a dead duck? An authorizing resolution must be reintroduced and any abstentions or no votes should be rationalized by the Councilor. In fact, any vote that is not in favor of a resolution should be verbally justified at the time of the vote? The public should demand it or petition the state to do one. The NFL has its ‘Deflategate”; Plainfield can have its own “Fiscalgate”. We too could blame it on the weather.

Saturday, January 24, 2015


Winter at last, a day sans newspapers and must rely on the TV media reports. It seems that the only news is family and other multiple shootings and also the Avalon fire in Edgewater as well as Deflate gate.

Years ago I wrote a blog questioning the fire hazard of the apartments and town houses being built in NJ. I was disturbed then by watching the wooden construction of the Monarch in Plainfield, and by the “town houses” fires in Edison and Piscataway. I have watched the new construction in Plainfield (South Ave.) as well as Fanwood and Cranford that seem to be entirely wood and no apparent non inflammable partitions between units.

 I have been assured that all meet the State Codes including sprinklers.
 So did the Edgewater complex yet a fire that started in one unit destroyed 66% of the complex, or some 250 0F 408 units. 

The complex had sprinklers as required but they did not limit the fire to the original unit or stop its spread. It is unclear if there was any fire resistant material used in the walls and overhead spaces.

There is no question that the NJ construction fire codes are inadequate to prevent such a disaster. In Plainfield such buildings as the Monarch or the new ones on South Ave may represent a dangerous risk by fire to property and people.

The State minimum code must be changed. There is no reason why the local construction code cannot be more demanding than the State’s. A responsible Planning Board and local government can see to that.

The other major stories this past week includes Obama’s “State of the Union” address, which I hope to comment on in the near future, as well as another scandal involving the New England Patriots.
“Deflate gate” should appeal to the supporters of Plainfield’s previous administration. If you can get away with it, it is ok.
Patriot Quarterback Brady after 10 years can say that he was unaware of any decreased pressure in the football. After all he does is grip the ball on every offensive play.

Of course Belichick like other bosses despite his history can with a straight face claim a lack of knowledge. He does not touch the balls.
On Saturday he blamed weather conditions on the change in ball pressure; but gave no explanation why one ball had not lost air.

The outbreak of measles on the west coast once again illustrates how irrational individuals  can threaten the health  and lives  of others. Measles can be a killer as it has in the past; or as a complication of meningitis can result in life long epilepsy. The refusal to vaccinate their children has no scientific rational.   The religious excuse cannot be permitted to endanger others.