Friday, July 3, 2015


11 Months before Presidential Primary time in New Jersey. By that time there will be many contests and other modalities to select convention delegates in other states so the NJ primary may have little to do with the actual results.

At this point with about 16 announced or indicated candidates in the Republican fold and just 5 Democrats; former Rhode Island Sen. Lincoln Chafee. Hillary Clinton. Former Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, and joined today by Former Virginia Sen. Jim Webb with VP Joe Biden likely to join later this summer there will be a lot of verbiage splashed through internet sources as well as visual and printed media.

Clinton may not be a shoo in.

The Republican story will most likely depend on money for various candidates to last. Most of the 16 will be gone by the years end.

Both CNN and Fox have said that they will limit their debates to the 10 top in a consensus of the polls. There might be a selection problem since the veracity of many polls may be open to question. They can be manipulated by size, the phrasing of the questions and selection of participants; in other words a poll could be nothing more than a propaganda tool despite claims of impartiality’.

Should one believe the two most recent ones that place Trump 2nd to Bush? Since both put Christie as tied for #10, papers like the Star Ledger report with glee. One wonders where the pollsters found the clowns would have Trump as our leader.

Despite the Ledger’s constant anti Christie status I predict that going down the stretch the leading Republicans will be Bush, Rubio, and now Christie, who has picked up the endorsement of Maine’s Governor.

The Star Ledger position has reached a stage of paranoia with at least one editorial and/or columnist article every day and insertion of Christies name in a negative way in news articles. As an example; Wednesday’s editorial which attacks Christie for his “crusade against abortions” because he has line item vetoed funds designated for “Woman’s health and family planning centers”. The paper insinuates that his reason is that there are federal funding through mandated insurance and Medicaid is a “lie’. Apparently although both legislative houses are controlled by the Democrats there are not enough without some Republicans to override the veto. Therefore those horrible Republicans are “joining in his crusade”

After all what is bad with spending $7.5 million more for this state which has one of the highest tax loads in the nation and can’t meet all its obligations? Hasn’t Obamacare guaranteed the provision of such services?

A quote from that editorial: “We know Christie is entirely focused on his presidential fantasies” That he is “not popular” in New Jersey is not remarkable since the overwhelming number of voters are Democrats. Although supposedly the polls are limited to Republicans there is little proof that the respondents that are counted are really Republicans. The Ledger offers more proof that he has no chance by quoting three major betting sites which have his odds as 40:1.

Thursday, July 2, 2015


With all the extracurricular activity that has taken up what seems to be 25 hours a day I have had little time to write my blog. Now if I can get my new “dumb” phone, my old one decided to roam and even google search could not find it, to work right and download the correct apps for a smart watch; time will no longer be a problem.

I do feel that I did win a lottery; I had a box of loose Town House crackers and there was only ONE that was broken.

July 2 is the second day of the Iran Agreement extension. The new deadline is July 7 since Congress is planning an increase sanction vote on July8, which of course Obama will veto.

Preventing Iran from making a nuclear bomb which it may already the enriched uranium but have not yet developed the detonators or the vehicle to carry it is all important.

Iran is an aggressive nation with designs on being the dominant Mid-East power. It is the supporter of client terrorist fundamentalist groups in Iraq, Yemen, Lebanon (Hezbollah), Hamas, in Lydia, and in the Egyptian Sinai. Not only financial but with materials and training. This has been well documented.

It is naive if this administration believes that the leopard can change its spots. However we must wait to see what agreement is reached if any. At best the preliminary one was a bad one in that it only slowed Iran’s ambitions while making its economy whole. Any concessions will further Iran’s “fourth Persian Empire” aspirations.

We should bear all this in mind in view of the increased worldwide pro Islam terrorist acts. This may be a critical weekend for this country.

I plan a new blog late today on another current subject.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015


A very brief note today, the last day in June. Home maintenance  this morning.

The Iran Nuclear agreement deadline is today. My bet is that we will whiff again and give an extension. After all Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has said "they (Obama?) needs us more than we need them"(NY Times 6/29/15)

The US continues to show signs of  what our Mid-East "friends" consider as weakness and a lack of will.

The Greece economic crisis which will impact on the whole world, as well as the Puerto Rico impending default on its payments, is one more evidence that we have a sick society due to spending more than earning. the result may be a catastrophic greater than the Great Depression.

Social Services programs are very important, but they must not be at the expense of an impossible burden on the future. Moreover they can not be  funded by compromising our national security. Stricter controls over the use  of the dollar including the military, limiting patronage outflows and eliminating some program benefits are a must.

Socialism as a national policy without available resources is the route to disaster.

Monday, June 29, 2015


Tomorrow, June 30 Tuesday is the deadline for Iran to agree to all the provision in the ‘Nuclear control” agreement that the European Countries plus the USA have proposed.

Iran’s leadership has already made it clear that it will not allow ay International Inspectors in to its military sites.

That one item should be a deal breaker. Any concession by the Western powers will make the “treaty” a farce. Our Congress has already made it clear that if Obama agrees to something less than the proposed terms it will “veto” (by an appropriate rejection vote) the agreement.

What Iran will receive is a relaxing then closing of all the sanctions which have severally affected its economy. Even if it agreed to all as written, there is no guarantee that it will not violate some of the terms.

At best, its progress to have a nuclear weapon will only be postponed by 10 years. It already has the rocket capabilities to hit most of Europe and is expected to have its range extended so that at least the North-West part of the USA will be vulnerable.

Its medium range rockets can destroy Israel and all our common religious sites.

The danger of continuing the sanctions is that the internal economic problems may cause a radical wing of the government to embark on a military adventure that will lead to a worldwide nuclear conflict.

That may be a risk that we must face; or even act before Iran does if it appears that is what will happen. Once again the elephant in the parlor is Russia and Putin who seems to be on his own military adventure.