Tuesday, December 11, 2018


  There has been no blog about the Council meeting that would be a waste of time to attend.
  Besides the 7 Ordinances that will pass without opposition the Council will pass 18 Resolutions by consent. Out of the 6 that have to be voted on individually, 4 are approval of workman compensation settlements.
  Since the on-line agenda did not offer any readable support documents, it is better to remain  snug as a bug in the rug.
 There is so much going on in the world that requires reading and learning including the political problems in Great Britten, France, Germany as well as Africa. In the USA there may be a partial shutdown of the government next week; more about that and Trump’s personal difficulties in the blogs to follow.

Friday, December 7, 2018


Hanukkah which ends at sunset Monday is for everybody not only Jews.

 (not Howie's cat Harry)

This holiday season this year starts with the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah which “is a holiday that celebrates the liberation from oppression. It also provides a strong argument in favor of freedom of worship and religion. In spite of the human action that is commemorated, never far from the surface is the theology that the liberation was possible only thanks to the miraculous support of the Divine” (JEWISH LEARNING)

Hanukkah celebrates the Maccabean led 164BC revolt against the Seleucid empire which ruled Jerusalem and had turned the temple into a pagan temple. When the Maccabees recovered the temple, they found only 8 days of oil to relight the Holy Lamp over the Ark. That is why Hanukkah lasts 8 days. (Correction-It was 1 day's oil but burned for 8 days)

However about 70CE   after the Jewish revolt against the Romans there was the destruction of the 2nd Temple and the exile of the Jews from Jerusalem.

About 90CE a rabbinical “Council of Jamnia” collated the Hebrew Bible for the diaspora Jews who no longer could worship in Jerusalem. The Books of the Maccabees were left out perhaps due to Roman pressure because it represented a successful revolt.

The 2 Books were included in the Septuagint bible written in Greek at a later date for the Alexandria Jews. This Bible became the basis of the Christian Bible's "Old Testament" where the story remains.


Wednesday, December 5, 2018


   The lack of any remarks about Tuesday night’s Council meeting suggests that I missed almost nothing. I do agree with Dan that the County’s proposal to move the Watchung Ave/East Front St. B us stop   to the northeast corner is a long overdue positive action. Why has no Council or Administration thought about this in the past?

    I promised that I would tell you about the saga that marked my month of November which was the result of me and my help being physically inability to start the emergency gasoline generator. I was replacing it with a gas generator that automatically kicks in.

   On Nov 8th the electrician while working on the circuit breaker box where the 220 incoming line is reduced to 110 volts for house usage missed a jumper cable that was installed for the old generator with the result that there was a 220 volt power surge. Among the damage was burning out the new LED light fixture in the kitchen. The dish washer and washing machine became inoperable as well as the bases for my wireless house phones including some of the house phone lines.

  The initial worry damage was the power board for my security system which was not replaced until the 18th-10 days. Their initial response was that a service man would be there 6 days later. A phone call and letter to a CEO result in his coming the next day but they had to order the part.

  To add to my woes two days later (Saturday) the motor to my furnace which had apparently been damaged by the surge burned out. Since it was a weekend the Carrier warehouse was closed, and I had to use space heaters for two days before it was replaced.

  My furnace has a humidifier and when the current went out the pump stopped working so there was water under the carpet in the entry way which is adjacent to the furnace room (my house is on a slab). The carpet had to be pulled up and the parquet reinstalled.

  The delay in replacing the utilities was due to the contractor’s insurance carrier had to check the damage.

  Things seemed to be going fine; the water to the dishwasher was shut off but the valve was old and did not close tight so on the 22nd eve I noticed a flood from it to the Kitchen floor which necessitated shutting off the house intake valve. Fortunately, 8 am Saturday a new lever valve was installed.

  Everything was up and running 100% by Monday the 26th but it had been a stressful 2-1/2 weeks.

  The fact that at the same time my printer seemed to have a mind of its own and I had mouse problems was not conducive to posting a blog.  Thank goodness its now December and the holiday season as well as college basketball.

Sunday, December 2, 2018


 Thank goodness it is December. November was a month of disasters, catastrophes, and inconveniences. None had to do with my health, or Dawg’s.  I shall soon write the saga before the busy holiday season, perhaps by the end of the week.

  AJ has posted two versions of Tuesday nights agenda; the second one I presume is a copy of the one for printed distribution at the meeting. The first one available last Friday had reference to the resolutions etc. but I was unable to open any. The ones requesting new redevelopment plans would have been interesting for comments. Also, why do we have two compensation settlements of several hundred thousand dollars. What were the injuries, and if the city was negligent has there been correction?

   Unfortunately, I do not plan to attend the meeting.

With the passing of President Bush, we have lost  a truely patriotic statesman who was PONTUS. The last four have been marked by self-serving politicians as were Nixon and Carter.