Thursday, May 25, 2017


Always time for more recent political cartoons/. Thank G** we still have freedom of the press.


There was an article in the business section of Wednesday’s Times that all local politicians and administrators should consider. The story “Add a Rail Stop and Developers Will Follow” tells about what has happened in the Boston metropolitan area as well as in other locations in the country when a new or revitalized old RR station was planned and placed in operation.

Could this be applicable to Plainfield? Certainly the old Grant Ave Station which was once bustling center for commuters and perhaps the Clinton Ave location could once again become a hub for redevelopment especially by the time more direct services will be available into the city, There may well be increased use for transportation between local stops especially downtown as well as other cities along the route in either direction

For those who are proactive about Plainfield’s future this could be worth consideration.

This brings me to the upcoming Democrat primary. I have already cast my absentee ballot and I will neither discuss how I voted or who I would recommend other than suggest you read Dan’s column today.

With that said I may comment on some negative factors about the four candidates and perhaps a few positives.

In many ways Mapp’s administration has been a breath of fresh air after Robinson-Briggs two terms of personalized rule which did nothing to attack people and substantial business to Plainfield. Mapp’s most positive actions have been the appointments of Riley (Public Safety), West (Administration and Finance), Sanchez (Development), and Taylor (Recreation). However he has as expected shown that he is a politician that is influenced by political affiliations. One prime example is his appointment of Watson as Director of Public Works after castigating him for his personal financial excesses as head of PMUA as well as Watson’s unearned golden parachute.

I have always expressed my distaste for members of any religious clergy holding a responsible political office. One reason being that they can have a demagogue’s hold over their followers. Some examples religious domination and exclusions such as the Ayatollah’s in Iran or the extreme Orthodox faction in Israel. Also Detroit’s anti-Semitic Father Charles Coughlin** or the infamous Jim Jones and his 900 suicided followers are bad examples of how those in the pulpit can influence susceptible people. Theocracy in any form endangers civil rights.

Brown’s tract record at the Council; her too often unexplained abstentions and frequent missed meetings as well as her history at the PMUA negate what good she has accomplished in her ministerial role.

Rivers is a product of the Green boss-man-ship, she and her extended family have benefited from that relationship. Her role on the Council for the past few years has been anti-administration and her own political activism; not municipal constructive.

I know nothing about Dr. Henrilynn Davis Ibezim for even considering. 


Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Last week’s frustrating annoying week has continued. At least some of it was humorous as evident by this tracking UPS notice for a package that I had no idea what I had ordered that was coming 2nd day Air.
(read up from, bottom)

Location    Date  Local Time  Activity
Bound Brook, NJ, United States      05/23/2017         4:17 A.M. Out For Delivery
        05/23/2017         4:08 A.M.   Destination Scan
Newark, NJ, United States     05/22/2017         10:48 P.M.         Departure Scan
        05/22/2017         8:19 P.M.   Arrival Scan
Louisville, KY, United States 05/22/2017         6:32 P.M.         Departure Scan
        05/22/2017         10:43 A.M. Arrival Scan
Newark, NJ, United States     05/22/2017         8:28 A.M.         Departure Scan
        05/22/2017         3:12 A.M.   Arrival Scan
Monroe Township, NJ, United States       05/21/2017         10:15 P.M. Departure Scan

Well the package that was delivered about 2pm turned out to be    another “blue proxy card” from the group seeking to replace four management proposed (“white proxy card”) directors for the ARCONITE board.

About every day for the past month I would receive a “priority mail” envelope with either a white or blue pr4oxy card.
It has been a bitter fight and the meeting is next week. However, according to today’s WSJ the proxy question is moot since the present board has agreed to seat 3 of the opposition proposed directors and one of their own choice. The activists have won this fight.  

What perplexes me is why a package originating in NJ (MonroeTownship) was sent from Newark to Louisville and back to Newark. Perhaps Congress also runs (?) UPS. 

Rather than commenting today on the upcoming Primary, or the President’s trip or the DC circus with Flynn stating that he will plea the 5th Amendment at any hearing; I have a slew of cartoons that speak for themselves:

A final note of "what can go bad will go bad" also known as Murphy's Law: this weekend my outside garage door keypad died. New batteries  did not help. However the remote opener and my car's remote still work.

Oh yes, My calendar and appointment card  noted that I had a doctor's appointment, a social visit, this am. When I got there on time I was informed that he was away and that my appointment had been changed to June 5th.  Despite their claim that I had been notified; I must had never received any message since I already had a scheduled important Dr's visit on that date and would have posted a corrected date.  

Friday, May 19, 2017


Tis the week that wuz “OMG”. To paraphrase Murphy; “if it could happen it would”

· Monday my router could not find my browser. After several reboots was OK this was happening frequently6 past week.

· A call to Verizon after 20 minute wait to be referred to a customer agent and having my router remotely checked I was informed it was defective and obsolete. A new router was being sent and would arrive Wednesday.

· Tuesday new router arrived late afternoon. Decided to wait until Thursday to have my Maven help hook up.

· Thursday effortless replacement but one hiccup; could not reconnect (wirelessly) my printer/ scanner to computer. Ultimately printer was connected but could not scan anything (function not connected)

· Friday 1 hour with FIOS trying to get scanner function operative plus 30 minutes with Epson agent without success. Finally he doesn’t know how the right computer link for scanner appeared on printer setup. Systems now go.

· Monday again; A Physician’s license had to be renewed only via internet; no paper (mail) applications were possible... Unable to do so after multiple tries on the weekend and Monday am. An am call to consumers affairs resulted after a 30 minute wait including an interruptive loud screeching plus a disconnect, in being told that (a) another doc had called with the same problem and it was being referred to IT. I should call back in an hour. (b)The representative could not do the renewal over the phone.

· About at least two attempts; later that afternoon I was able to renew my license. I am still legal’ although inactive; I cannot treat patients.

· Thursday I had a 10 am appointment with the “water-boarder” (periodontist dental cleaner). When I went back to my car I could not open my trunk to put my walker in. Neither the key fob button nor the manual release button would work.

· A trip to my service garage did not result in success. As I returned home I had a brain storm. It had to be heat related and I had my helper spray the trunk from the hose. Eureka it worked.

I had purchased a toothpaste dispenser which was obviously made in China as evidenced by the very clear installation instructions: I am still looking for a "button", but it works fine.