Monday, July 16, 2012


Two days ago Plaintalker's blog was devoted to the subject of "Tightening the fiscal controls (Plainfield's). As previously reported in this blog the latest questionable financial transaction results from at best shoddy bookkeeping for the July 7 events.

It has been noted that there still is no CFO or Purchasing Officer aboard; although there are RFQs for both positions on the City site,

Tonight the Council will vote on hiring a "City Treasurer". This is a position that had been dormant (unfilled and unfunded) for years until Zilinski was hierd  hired on  a part time basis in 2011. Because he could not act as a CFO without jeopardizing his benefits; the Administration employed him as Treasurer with duties  of a CFO. Ms Shelly-Buono's application was first submitted as CFO but withdrawn. She is being presented tonight for the post of "Treasurer of the City."

We will still not have a CFO or Purchasing Officer  on line after tonight. But we will have two archaic positions that may need special budget adjustments "who are capable" to assume  those duties;the City Treasurer and the City Comptroller in the person of Special Corporation Counsel Phillips who can function as Purchasing Officer. I believe that there was an Ordinance last year that would fund the Treasurer but how is the Comptroller funded? Only in Oz!

Incidentally, in line with this Administrations strict fiscal controls there  are Resolutions tonight that involve expenditure of funds. By law there should be a CFO's certification that such funds are available.  All the Certificates are in place; however there is a partial legible signature on the CFO line that appears to be "A Fluzt" . I have been  informed that it is the very part time few hours a week CFO Glenn Cullen's stamp. Some of these signatures have been initialed presumably by whomever used the stamp. Are these certificates valid? Perhaps some Councilor will give an  answer.

My Son-in-law and daughter who have spent a very pleasant weekend here are leaving after dinner so there is a possibility that I shall not make tonight's meeting. If I do I will post tomorrow.

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