Friday, July 6, 2012


I posted this yesterday afternoon and when I did re-read it Thursday night I found the second paragraph to be about the worst piece of so called prose (drivel)  that I have ever posted.I think the corrections make sense.   

Shame, Shame, Shame Dan for accusing me (PLAINFIELD TODAY )of TERMERITY; defined as; “unreasonable or foolhardy contempt of danger or opposition: rashness, recklessness. Synonyms: audacity, effrontery, foolhardiness.”

I did not consider that although the links that you provide in CLIPS is a very valuable and useful segment of that blog; a suggestion that since unfortunately so many of them have not shown any activity in over a year a suggestion that they should be deleted would be out of order...

Although you provide a daily synopsis of what new postings have taken place; these inactive space bloating listings tend to confuse the surfing reader. If it were only for cosmetic reasons to remove those dead links it would be worthwhile. It is a necessity to increase the value of your service.

Therefore Dan I don’t think my recommendation represented audacity but rather common sense.
I will grant that I, a common citizen who is out of the loop, may seem to exhibit rashness when being critical of any of the elements in the city governance. That would include the BOE.

All those seem to consider themselves above accountability and/or responsiveness to the public. I think the term is TRANSPARENCY.
However once again I am only doing what should be done.


  1. It was a joke, Doc.

  2. 7;47; Two can have fun! Take my post in that context.