Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Only two more days left in 2014;Dawg and I are slowly recuperating from the stresses of the past week but have still some more house restoration to normal.

The biggest casualty has been my den which became a dressing room as well as a storeroom. I have almost reached its customary organized disorganized state where I can find everything.

Meanwhile the year is ending with several catastrophes; a lost airplane over the Java Seas; and a fire on a deep sea ferry in the Adriatic carrying both vehicles and about 450 passengers which took about three days to rescue all.

Violence between individuals and the police has escalated despite calls for calm. Two policemen in New York City were assassinated by a disturbed man who committed suicide. Two more in California were shot at by two men supposedly from the side of the road. In Florida two sheriff’s deputies directing traffic in a church parking lot were targets.

A couple in Hawaii had to suddenly change their wedding site from a golf course because Obama wanted to play golf. It was true that he had no idea that a wedding had been scheduled there; blame his staff.

Here in Oz the Council meets for the first time in 2015 on Monday. Perhaps this blog will return to normal.

Saturday, December 27, 2014


Ohio and DC left today (Sunday); Roanoke 2 will leave  on Monday and so will end a  delight final holiday for 2014.

The final scores from the 9 game Oh Hell tournament; Olddoc-26,Andy-20,Pam-16,Jill-14.5,Bob-13.5.


Irrespective of religion, race or ethnic considerations this season is one that all can enjoy. It is one that is marked by family get-togethers; often including the co-mingling of relatives that seldom see each other.

I have a nephew who lives in South Jersey but keeps in frequent contact with me. He and his wife do visit once or twice a year

This week end my daughter and son in law from Virginia, my son and daughter from NYC, my daughter from the DC area, and my granddaughter her husband and two children are staying here. 

Additionally there is a daughter and spouse, one grandson and a great-grandson in Watchung who did not happen to be here Friday.

My nephew and his wife with perhaps one of his daughter’s and family of three 10 and under children were planning to visit about noon time.

Imagine our pleasant surprise; not when the three children tentatively came up the walk to entered the house. However, we were not prepared for the next wave of three youngster also 12 to 3 accompanied   by 5 adults, who suddenly appeared around the corner.

With Sonia’s 5 year old grandson who also came with her to visit Casey and Sydney; for several hours there were 9 children between 3 and 13 having  a hell of a good time for well over two hours; and no one ended up crying or hurt!

I almost forgot to mention that Dawg, although overwhelmed by the numbers and activities participated in the play by barking am running with them. Dawg really passed a critical test.