Monday, July 9, 2012


On Sundays before a Council meeting I will try to post as much information as possible about the upcoming meeting. It is most likely that will be in place of a Monday blog.  I have done so this weekend.

Just a thought; how lucky we were this Saturday. The3 storm that did so much damage in New Jersey was only 35miles from us. It came in without warning. Think of how catastrophic it could have been  if it had been just a little north and hit Cedar Brook Park at that time.

I saw no mention of a rain date for the concert and fireworks. Was there one?  If so how would the public be notified? If not that could suggest poor planning.

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  1. Doc,
    I happened to be in Monmouth county when that brief, but fierce storm rolled in. An episode like that here in our city of many, many trees, would have brought instant misery. We got lucky...