Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Routine business occupied most of the Resolutions to b e placed on Monday night’s agenda. One item was more than routine. That was to award a $1,920,208.43 contract for resurfacing the roads in Group 2 to the lowest bidder.

The contracts for Groups 1 & 4 are anticipated to be ready for the August meetings. Group 3 had to be rebid because of an error in purchasing in which one bid was opened hours before the deadline.
The rebids will be opened on Wednesday and if all the due diligence can be accomplished in time, the winning bid will be placed before Council this Monday. Don’t hold your breath; the time line is too short.

However all the streets in the 4 Groups will be finished either this year or early 2013. Could there be an election that year to stimulate attention to what should have been done the past six years?

By far the most controversial subjects came up after the end of the agenda business and in the Council and the Public Comment periods.

Councilor Williams reported that her inquires to Recreation for an accounting of income and expenditures for t he “4th of July” celebration had been met only with an incomplete excel sheet. She also repeated a previous charge that some one with apparent official papers was soliciting fees above those listed from merchants. There was no accounting of these funds.

During Public comments citizens question why with its over 700K budget only the Rushmore playground pool was open as of the 9th. The Hannah Atkins pool was not even ready for use during this heat wave and certainly beyond the accepted dates for all municipal pools to be available.

In the East End only the kiddy pool was available. In addition the Recreation sponsored swimming class was limited to 25 registries; a ridiculous low number for a municipality of this size.

It was noted that Recreation had sent publicity notices of its planned summer programs to the PSS/BOE with a request that they be distributed to the children. However the BOE seemed not to have made any attempt to do so.

A complaint by another resident was relayed that the independent soccer program had been denied the use of the fields on Sundays making only Saturday available.  That again had a negative impact on the program.

A request was made by Council to the City Administrator to report back about what was wrong with the pool programs.


  1. So.. in a nutshell again..these damn Republicans can't get the pools open?? Can't share the fields? Can't run an event without trying to screw over the business people? Can't cooperate to do what's best for the children? Can't do what's best for the taxpayers?

    Remember to vote Democrat this November..

  2. It's a shame that our recreation program is run by such an incompetent, but then again, let's look to city hall. Why can't this fool be hired. I could do that job, and it's been years since I was the activities director at a summer camp. This is too bad for our kids and this fool shouldn't be allowed to continue to harm our children with the mayor's blessing.

  3. If Hannah Atkins isn't open, why is the perennial seasonal employee Roland Muhammed still on the payroll? Oh yea, sharon and dave because they need someone to do their dirty work.

  4. I meant fired. Thanks for the clarification.


  5. I thought muhammad was fired already since he hasn't been to the mike lately to defend the mayor or wynn. Neither one of them should be involved with kids since they go out of their way to try to destroy a kids program (QCBL) and then can't even run their own programs right. But yet the mayor will still sing wynn praises. Hmmm. Wonder why. There are dots to be connected.