Friday, August 29, 2014


I am sure that the word is out that the Mayor has vetoed the “Land Grab Ordinance” Known as “City Lot 9+”.  There is a proposed resolution to override the veto on the Agenda Fixing Session’s menu.

The Mayor’s veto contained 16 reasons why it was unacceptable. Most of them this Council will dismiss as verbiage or garbage. However the reference to NJSA 40:12-20 which both the present Corporation Counsel and the previous one found not to be applicable as quoted in the Ordinance will be hard to ignore by people without any knowledge of the law.

How the Council reacts and if here is any retaliatory reaction against the Mayor’s appointment requests or the proposed Resolution granting Proctor a residency waiver will be awaited.


This afternoon/evening we shall receive a copy of the agenda for TUESDAY”S Agenda Fixing session. With luck that will mean a visit to the Library Saturday morning but since this is a long holiday weekend I will most likely not post anything before Tuesday. September and life is returning to OZ normal.

In our troubled world the Russians one days call an incursion of their troops into the Ukraine a “mistake”; didn’t know where the border was. Two days later artillery and armored units enter across a previous quiet area and of course it is the rebels who are firing the guns.

The Ukraine will not be the straw that breaks and starts a multination war. Another tinder box, Georgia is applying for European Union membership and with it NATO affiliation. There or in the Baltic States will be the match that starts the conflagration. Some have thought it would be Belarus but that landlocked country already has close ties with Putin’s Russia.

Elsewhere Israel and Hamas have agreed to an indefinite ceasefire. Hamas has indicated that it will pursue its objective to the last Gazan. It will not retract its avowed aim to destroy Israel. Hamas broke again the last 72 hour ceasefire 8 hours early with a barrage of missiles, some aimed a Tel Aviv and the Ben Gurion Airport. Other rockets did hit a kibbutz and Ashkelon killing among other a young boy.

Hopefully the last Israel response will convince Hamas to let the Palestine Authority negotiate and manage a peace in Gaza.

The ISIS horror continues and although the President has started surveillance flights over Syria, members of Congress are now making it a political issue by insisting on curbing Obama’s powers and that Congress must be the one to initiate any military action.

Despite all this the world will still be here Monday so have a safe wonderful Labor Day weekend.

Thursday, August 28, 2014


Too much of my free time has been taken up with a dialog with a commentator to my blog “JUSTICE”. I was tempted to copy all and use it as the basis for this posting, but decided if you had any interest you could read that blog.

Therefor today’s blog will be a little bit of potpourri; a little bit of knowledge that will not affect any of our lives but I would bet that none of you know that there are still Chaldeans (Babylonians) and Assyrians living in this world.

Believe it or not the Yazidis are not the only religious sect in Kurdish Iraq that are endangered by ISIS. Both groups are Christians although they belong to separate churches. The Assyrian Catholic Church is oriented towards the Antiochian tradition, whereas the Chaldean Catholic Church along with the Syro-Malabar Catholic Church of India follow what is known as the East-Syrian tradition. Neither recognizes the Pope as their head.  

Their worshipers claim direct descendancy from the ancient inhabitants of the Fertile Crescent.

ISIS with its advanced around Mosul has already given those who had not been able to flee a "Convert within 24 hours or Die ultimatum. In  one village they killed  all the men and enslaved the women and children.

This info is from a letter printed last week in either the Times or WSJ.