Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Perhaps, although I think just coincidental,  it was the absence of the Mayor and Council President Mapp that resulted in Monday nights short and harmonious meeting. Even with a 22 minute break for an executive session the meeting  concluded at about 9:40.

There was a large group of residents form the former Meadowbrook Village now known a s Laural  Lawrence Gardens apartment complex who complained about unresolved code violations including health hazards such as mold. They felt that Inspections had not been forceful or critical about the conditions.Acting Council President Annie Williams  requested Director of Public Works Jackson to look onto the matter.  

All schedules Ordinances and Resolutions on the agenda were  passed without opposition.Hoverer Councilors Rivers and Greaves abstained on a vote to renew the license for the " Latino's Corp." at 665 South Ave .This was on a new Resolution which had been added to the agenda.

In total there were  8 resolutions added to the agenda, all being accepted and passed.

One of the new items was the awarding of a paving contract for Contract Group 3 to pave:
  1. Myrtle Ave from Jefferson Ave to Rock Ave
  2. Rock Ave. from South Second to Green Brook Bridge
  3. West Fourth St. from MascDowell St to Plainfield Ave.
  4. West Fourth St. from Palinfield Ave. to Park Ave..
 Along with the Contract Group 2 previously reported the number of newly paved streets by this fall and election time will be outstanding. What is more important as long as Director Jackson of Public Works is aboard these roads will be maintained.

Along those lines those of us who travel Watchung Ave. noticed that this just completed project had 5 new "openings". It seems that there was an epidemic of water line breaks mainly in the lead based collateral  pipes that lead to homes. I have been informed that as soon as the new fill settles it will be finished with new top coating laser bonded to the existing pavement. This is a sad but unforeseen  incident.


  1. I am curious whether or not the City gives notice to the utilities in advance of these projects so maintenance-type road openings can be avoided. With sufficient advance warning, the utilities can make their repairs and then be told to hold off any further openings unless an emergency. I am not saying that these were not emergencies, but it is coincidental that five would be needed at one time.

  2. Michael, the utilities are notified. I spoke with the city engineer and I know that under her watch and Eric Jackson's that this rash of broken mains was no only completely unanticipated but could not have been considered possible..

    One of the factor s may have been that these are very old LEAD pipes and somehow vibrations in or after the laying of the pavement contributed to the ruptures.