Monday, July 23, 2012


 Penn State has received its due from the NCAA. However, the greater problem is not addressed. The greater issue at stake is not that officials in charge turned their backs on a case of pedophilia. Instead it is what college athletics has become; big time multimillion dollar business.

College football and basketball can be such a money maker that the athletic directors and coaches earn salaries in the high six to seven figures; more than any professor. It has become a case that the end justifies the means and nothing will be done to jeopardize a program that has succeeded.

It has become so mercenary that now there will b e a “playoff tournamnet5 to select5 a National champion ala professional supports.

The players are not student-athletes; but players on what are in effect in the minor leagues for the professional teams. Yes they receive scholarships in lieu of salary; but in many programs there are part time work programs as a form of subsidy. It is true that in some programs the academics are a sham and if the player “graduates” he has not learned anything useful.

There are programs where supervision of presence on the job is lax. None pay enough for the holder to be able to drive a BMW.

The NCAA sanctions are a four-year postseason ban and a $60 million fine. The fine would be the equivalent of one season’s profit from football.

In addition, the school will be forced to cut 10 scholarships for this season and 20 scholarships for the following four years.

Finally, the school will be forced to vacate all wins from 1998-2011, a total of 112 victories, and serve five years of probation.

I feel that this last provision is not only overkill but makes the player’s victims for something that they had no part of. They should be allowed to keep their victories not punished for the sins of others. 

Sure; take the wins away from Paterno; he does not deserve to be remembered as the winingest coach in football.

There are sports that the colleges support some also act as a step towards professional careers but none generate a large profitable income and most are not self supporting. Lacrosse, M&F, Baseball, Softball, Soccer (M&F) Swimming, Tennis, Track, and in some Gymnastics. Most of the participants in these sports also seek an education .


  1. Good morning Doc, I agree with you 100% why make the students suffer they have done nothing wrong. They played their heart out and they deserve the victory.


  2. I think that some of the sanctions do more to hurt the students than teach the university a lesson. What's even scarier is that they are trying to make these big bucks at Rutgers and we may have the same problem there. I hope not and I hope academics are not forgotten, though it seems they have in the search for big bucks. Let's hope we don't suffer for Rutgers big dreams that may explode in their faces.

  3. Wow Bob you finally have said something that I agree with.