Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Once again the Mayor has managed to outmaneuver the Council. This time through an Inter-Office Memorandum from the sub-audible City Administrator to the Council President; she has effectively protected the PMUA from any dissolution consideration by rejecting the Council’s request for RFQs for legal counsel to a study if the PMUA should be terminated.

Instead she has proposed a committee to be “established within the next 30 days” to “address the services provided by the PMUA, the rates charged for these services, and the concerns of the ratepayers”. “Once the Committee has reached its conclusion, it will report back to the Council with its recommendations on the next appropriate steps”. There is no time limit for the study.

The Committee is weight heavily to represent the Administration consisting of an unspecified number of “Members of the Administration; Two(2) Council Members; Two (2) PMUA Commissioners (Dunn and Sanders?);PMUA Executive Director(former Corporation Counsel Williamson);Plainfield Corporation Counsel; PMUA Legal Counsel; Independent Legal Counsel(?)- (to be selected how?); Independent Financial Analyst; and Engineer? (the City’s?).

That is a minimum of 11 members all but four (4) members of Administration or PMUA.
Can anyone conceive that such a loaded group would find any reason to change a patronage goldmine?

In the past few years the Mayor has managed to pigeon hole the investigation of the authorship of the “Scarlet Letter”; and the handling of the QCBL-Recreation baseball dispute. Obviously anything that had to impact on Recreation was untouchable.


  1. As a NJ Licensed Professional Engineer and ardent follower of PMUA activities I hereby volunteer my services to be a member of the Committee to be appointed. Resume available upon request.

    Bill Kruse

  2. Doc... suggesting the Mayor "outmaneuvered" the City Council is like saying you "out ran" a corpse.
    She has done it at EVERY move. It has to be political theater. There is NO WAY she is that smart...It's at the point now that the whole "new dem vs dem" spat has got to be nothing more than a diversion.