Sunday, July 8, 2012

AFS Agenda 7/9/12

What a pleasure it was on Saturday to glide on Watchung Ave from Hillside over the hill to Fernwood without a single car tremor. I Expect on Monday the remaining block to Leland will receive its top coat.

Thank you Mr. Jackson for seeing that one of the worst city corridor streets is finally no longer a tire buster.

Along with the spurt in long overdue road restructuring is a Resolution on the agenda to award Contract Group 2 to the lowest bidder. Once approved on the 16th these streets should be in top condition before the temperature drops to a point where repaving should not be attempted.

The streets are: Fredrick St.,Oxford Ave.Sterling St.,Arlinton Ave (West 3rd to West 9th), Belleview Court, Buttfield Drive, Cedar Court, Sheridan Ave, (its lobbyist will be most happy to know that it is finally on the books),Cushing Rd. Cul de sac west of Leland, and Jean Terrace.

There is a Resolution for an additional$1820.00 for “Architectural and Administrative services” for the construction of the Control Center for the CCTV at Police Headquarters. It seems that they found “unknown space behind the wall and had to revise their plans. Did no one check old blue prints or were there none??

A resolution not listed on the 7th’s agenda but in the packet is to reappoint Barbara Jennings-Wynn as Registrar of Vital Statistics.

Apparently her term of office expired on Dec. 31, 2011 It must be a custom in Oz to have people 
working without an approved contract for 6 months.

What is even more Ozian is that in the covering letter recommending this action the term of appointment is from July 16, 2011 (the day the Council will vote) to Dec 31, 2014. In the Resolution itself her appointment is to be retroactive (not noted) fromFeb.13, 2012 to Dec.31, 2014. Which is correct? 

Doesn’t the City Administrator check these things? And who filled that position between Jan.1, 2012 and the date she becomes employed? If someone did so where was the validation for payment? Once again 

Oz’s unique fiscal controls rise above the dust.

Which brings us to the Sherry-Buono’s appointment as City Treasurer? The term of this contract is from Aug. 1, 2012 to July 31, 2013.

The position of City Treasurer was reinstated to accommodate the employment of the  well qualified Ron Zilinski as temporary but part time CFO. Since Ms. Sherry-Buono was proposed but not acted upon in June of this year to be the CFO; why is there a change it her job title?

Perhaps that will be clarified Monday night.


  1. We have so many dysfunctional street in Plainfield, I hope they get fixed soon. I ride my bike and find all over Plainfield's second and third wards and Stell is a disaster, the streets around Cedarbrook Park are the pits and Hillside needs work. Maybe we'll seem things get done. They should have been done years ago, but this mayor started playing games and using the street repairs to her advantage. We also need the intersection of Rock Ave. and Park repaired, as I have ruined a tire and rim going to church on that intersection.

  2. 1:01 pm: Rock and Park don't intersect--maybe while you're biking you don't read the street signs? The Rock and Front intersection, on the other hand, is a disaster.