Friday, July 6, 2012


I have had  a quick look at the agenda for Monday night's Agenda fixing session and after reviewing the support data at the Library will post something about it on Sunday. It appears that most items are of the non controversial nature.

However, there is a communication from the Mayor requesting the advice and consent of the Council for the appointment of Diane Sherry-Buono as Treasurer  for the City of Plainfield.

There was  a communication from the Mayor at the Agenda Fixing Session requesting approval of this individual for the CFO position. No resolution or commentary appeared during the business meeting on this matter. Thus I wonder if this previous non existent municipal office is indication that Ms. Sherry-Buono  was found to not be qualified as CFO.  Are we once again using a "Band-Aid" instead of filling the CFO position? 

Why can't Plainfield  fill its required  fiscal positions with proper personel?


  1. Why can't Plainfield fill its required fiscal positions with proper personel?

    Is that really a serious question? Who would take a job with the prospect that it is only for 18 months? Let alone all the other issues with this City.

  2. 11:01 You forgot the first 78 months of this present administration. Most key financial positions were unfilled.