Friday, September 30, 2011


There are active groups of Europeans especially Belgians and British who have dedicated themselves to perpetuate the memory of American's who fought- and died- in WWII. The Belgians especially remember the Battle of the Bulge. This is an email that I received today.

Dear friends,

On sept 22, the new grave adopters have received their official awards . This paper is not just a paper , it's for us grave adopters the same with a birth act . This year 400 personnes have received a heroes grave . They are ; old, young, teenager, student, man, woman from Belgium, Holland, France and also one from Switzerland . By this act we want to tell to the USA "They are not forgotten and they will never" .

God Bless America

Sgt Dominique Potier
Belgium Army


If this baseball season should teach one lesson; it is, to quote Yogi Berra" it ain't over until it's over". At the beginning of September both the Red Sox and the Atlanta Braves had such a lead in the wild-card chase that it appeared too great to be overcome in the remaining games of the month. Indeed they were in the contest for first place! Yet, on the last day of the season both teams completed their fall from glory. Neither will be part of the post season.

Politics In an analogical sense can be similar to the baseball season. This year the entire state legislature is up for reelection. Even though it is just a little more than four weeks before elections it has been politically quiet. Non-the-less, under the present economic problems it is likely that there will be many Republicans elected from even districts that the Democrats have owned.

The presidential election is a year away. If it were held today there would be a possibility perhaps even a probability that Obama would be defeated. His saving grace is that what he has done or not don; but that the Republicans themselves. T heir announced candidates today command minimal respect and confidence. None of no matter how bad the economy can defeat a sitting President. However, as I stated before Christie is going to be drafted by the old guard Republicans. Today as the nominee at the convention, he would handily defeat Obama 13 months from now. If Powell could be drafted as the running mate that would be the dream ticket.

Getting away from national politics and focusing on local races; in a comment to Dan Damon’s blog Pat Turner Kavanaugh posted an announcement of the League of Women Voters candidate’s Night to be held at the Plainfield Public Library.

At this time the participants are limited to the one Council race, and the Freeholders about which there has been little publicity given. Of greater interest to Plainfield may be the Assemblyman races. Perhaps none of the four candidates have been invited or expressed a desire to participate.

Pro temp.

One day had been reserved for contemplation and regrettably for an adjustment caused by a slight tear in the rotator cuff. But, happily the regular baseball season has just ended and I will not have to take my imaginary turn in the rotation. I shall be able to have a complete posting by noon

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


L'Shana Tova
"May all in Plain field be blessed with Peace, Prosperity, Health, and Responsible Government for the coming year."

Sunset Wednesday night marks the start of Rosh Hashana or Jewish New year. L'Shana Tova is the traditional greeting this time of the year. The above is a variation on the meaning of that greeting to be applicable to all who live here.

Rosh Hashana is celebrated as a two day holiday by the Orthodox and Conservative Jews. The Reformed congregations mainly regard it a one day holiday but have service the second day for those that wish. It is the beginning of the "Days of Awe' which end at sunset on Yon Kippur.

For those who would desire a greater understanding of significance of these Holy Days I have reprinted part of a description from the Internet. Otherwise I will see you Friday.

Would the world not be better if all, including those who just mouth the words ,adopted and practiced the concept set forth in the meaning of these days.

Days of Awe

The ten days starting with Rosh Hashanah and ending with Yom Kippur are commonly known as the Days of Awe (Yamim Noraim) or the Days of Repentance. This is a time for serious introspection, a time to consider the sins of the previous year and repent before Yom Kippur.

One of the ongoing themes of the Days of Awe is the concept that G-d has "books" that he writes our names in, writing down who will live and who will die, who will have a good life and who will have a bad life, for the next year. These books are written in on Rosh Hashanah, but our actions during the Days of Awe can alter G-d's decree. The actions that change the decree are "teshuvah, tefilah and tzedakah," repentance, prayer, good deeds (usually, charity). These "books" are sealed on Yom Kippur. This concept of writing in books is the source of the common greeting during this time is "May you be inscribed and sealed for a good year."

Among the customs of this time, it is common to seek reconciliation with people you may have wronged during the course of the year. The Talmud maintains that Yom Kippur atones only for sins between man and G-d. To atone for sins against another person, you must first seek reconciliation with that person, righting the wrongs you committed against them if possible.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


It is time for a change of pace until the weekend. Potpourri time for some JAMA covers featuring women. Two are portraits; "Ophelia" by Arthur Hughes (1832-1915), and "Young Woman With Ibis" by Edgar Degas (1834-1917) . The third is a Goya etching from the "Year of hunger" during the Napoleon wars in Spain. Its title translates to "They arrived too late". The explanatory pages follow each and can be made more legible by clicking on it and enlarging. Enjoy.

Monday, September 26, 2011


I have written about the Wisconsin Road Grades; here is a copy plus two illustrative pages. They can be enlarged for legibility.


Counselor Storch's announcement in his blog that the Kensington Avenue speed bumps had been removed [or in the process of removal] is of utmost interests to this blogger who has frequently written about the condition and upkeep of Plainfield streets...

I am aware that there has been a recent survey which is supposed to be presented for public consumption at the next Council meeting. I look forward with interest to it. But more to the point; to return to Kensington Avenue and its speed bumps.

It has only been a few years since that Street was repaved,  but my memory may be faulty. However, I questioned then  City Administrator Dashield (?) about the advisability of starting a repavement project in the late fall hoping that the weather conditions would not fall to a point where pouring asphalt would be inappropriate. Although, he assured me that the job would be finished long before frost it was not, and the street was left in a mess during the wintertime.

If I remember right there was a conflict with the contractor about finishing the job which a major amount remained. At that time one road contractor  was supposedly going through bankruptcy and it may have been that one. Another contractor was hired to finish the reconstruction. I would presume that it was the second contractor who installed the speed bumps. I would also assume that the engineers employed by the city as part of their contract would have made certain that the installation is proper and met specifications. I would also assume that there was a performance bond file by both contractors and if they were in default on meeting the specifications than the bonding company would be responsible for the repavement. I hope the City did not spend additional funds to finish the work. These questions should be answered.

As another reader has pointed out removing the speed bumps will compromise the integrity of the pavement. I would hope that any replacement bumps also include a satisfactory restoration was joined bonding of the road pavement.

This of course brings up another question. Next week will be October and what is the status of the Roosevelt Avenue and South Ave. projects? More importantly, has there been any movement to repaving another portion of Watchung Avenue.? If not, why not fill the potholes that are now reaching dangerous levels. Since it is unlikely that any pavement will be touched this year we must have at least that temporary compromise to carry over the winter. I would hope that money is not being wasted on cold patch.

There is another street that I travel on frequently and that is a Leland Avenue. The portion from the brook to Front Street I would consider a grade 3 and there to E. 7th St. probably grade 5. From E. 7th St. south to  to Cushing Road is probably still only a  grade 7 or at worse 6 on the Wisconsin scale.

As of today, that last portion of Leland Avenue with proper maintenance could be preserved to serve at a minimum another 10 years. There are scattered deep small potholes that should be repaired hot patching. There are numerous joint and linear cracks that if tarred and would restore that surface. Better would be after the potholes are filled to seal coat the street. There are one or two small areas where the road had been opened and  the city's hot patch equipment would be advisable.

I will be accused of only being concerned with the streets in my Ward(s). That is only because these are roads I  am familiar with. I could also mention Woodland Ave. which was repaved about a decade ago and now is approaching a level 4 due to multiple cuts and no sealing. Likewise Cushing Rd which in one year deteriorated to level 3. This Street presents another problem of responsibility because the municipal border runs down  the middle. I am  using these roads as examples because they are major arteries through our city and give a bad first impression to non residents.

It is indeed past time that we had a knowledgeable Director of Public Works responsible for the maintenance of the city's infrastructure. I hope that in the 2012 budget a better priority and efficiency will be given to the allocation of municipal funds by a competent City Administrator and Director of Public Works . I would also hope that the administration and counsel realize how imperative it is to have a qualified Grant Researcher on board.

We can upgrade what is salvageable at little expense compared to resurfacing. Yet we and other communities ignore what is most efficient.

Saturday, September 24, 2011


Herman Cain .Who!! The newest name on the top of the 9 performers in the  Republican Presidential  Candidate Debate Circus.. This African-American won 37% of the 2657 votes cast in the Florida Straw Poll, whereas Perry received only 15% and Romney who " according to a news media did not participate(?) in the poll "14% .

There is no question that Cain is a capable man but an unlikely candidate for the extreme right who are making waves in the GOP. His bio according to Wilkepedia: Herman Cain (born December 13, 1945) is an American businessman, politician, columnist, and radio host from Georgia. He is the former chairman and CEO of Godfather's Pizza and a former deputy chairman (1992–94) and chairman (1995–96) of the board of directors to the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. Before his business and economics career he worked as a mathematician in ballistics for the United States Navy.

Yes, he certainly  may well be more qualified than any of the  eight other clowns, but  he has two  basic problems; the first is that he has never been a politician.  That would kill him among the sharks in DC.

The second, sad to state, is that he suffers from excessive  skin pigmentation. Already there have been  attacks in media or internet from bigots who are both white and black. He has been accused of  being a turncoat, or just  a ploy  of the party to improve its appeal to black voters..  

Realistically his meaningless straw vote  victory in Florida the swing state of the Bush/Gore election is  of greatest  importance because of  the rejection of the imperfect bumbling debater Perry. How damaging that will be remains to be seen.

The Republican Centralists are without any acceptable choice except Romney.  That candidates chances of election in this upcoming 2012 election seems unlikely even though  unless there is a great change in the economy and world affairs; President Obama like Carter appears to be a one term President. In fact before the  early States commit their convention delegates I will anticipate that some Democrat will enter the race at the urging of the party old guard. The 2011 elections will be a deciding factor.

As anticipated today in the news there is a report that Christie is reconsidering a run for the Presidency. Of course there is the usual denial but there is an element in the party that will continue to put pressure on him. AND, let us face facts; he is an astute politician who would do well in Washington among all those petty Congressmen and Senators who put their personal interests above the nation's.

What is going on  at this time is just for show. The real contest will only start after Jan 1,2011 when the drive for the early state delegate  choices takes place. This years elections will be crucial.

9:30 PS; I wrote this last night, this morning on the talk shows the Florida GOP straw vote  was the ongoing topic, with most pundits arriving at the same conclusions as miner. A journalistic scoop!;

Wkipedia:\A straw poll or straw vote is a vote with nonbinding results. Straw polls provide dialogue among movements within large groups, reflecting trends like organization and motivation.[1][2] In meetings subject to rules of order, impromptu straw polls often are taken to see if there is enough support for an idea to devote more meeting time to it, and (when not a secret ballot) for the attendees to see who is on which side of a question. However, Robert's Rules of Order prohibits straw polls, calling them "meaningless and dilatory" because they subvert the deliberative charge of deliberative bodies.[3] Among political bodies, straw polls often are scheduled for events at which many people interested in the polling question can be expected to vote. Sometimes polls conducted without ordinary voting controls in place (i.e., on an honor system, such as in online polls) are also called "straw polls"


Where does one start? Too many "spectator sports"  crowding TV. Not only is it the end  of the Major League Baseball regular season and the start of the playoffs/world series ahead but NCAA football, Professional Football and yes Pro Hockey -it is still September- are competing for viewers.

Pro basketball may give us a break since due to a lockout that season due to start with training camp in one week may be on hold for a long time. Of course College Basketball which is a better game  will be on the tube in mid November.

There are other "spectator sports" for our interests. The Republicans and Democrats in Congress are again threatening to shut the government down by not approving financing..They may not agree to put money into FEMA so that those  covered by our natural disasters get relief, but that is OK since they will probably get their paycheck and pension benefits.  Since  the FY ends  at the end of  September an d there is no provisions for funding beyond that it is once again time for  our Congress to take a vacation.

And what about our newest circus; The Council's  investigation into the WBLS payment. Our reporters come up  with something new every day. If I were to be making book, it appears that the odds on this expanding and becoming an AG matter are increasing rapidly day by day. I like my readers have to obtain information from the other blogs and the news media. 

However, in a State where the laws on awarding contracts are riddled with loopholes  that whole matter may likely be treated as of little consequence..

Thank goodness for ESPN3. I could not watch my college team play if it were not for that program making games available on the computer. Of course the changes in  Internet speed also help make that possible.

11:00 AM;  Perhaps in the overall content of this blog I should have used the term "Couch Potato Sports" instead of "spectator"

Friday, September 23, 2011


Oh! what a tangled web we weave
When first we practise to deceive!

 Today's (Friday) Courier carriers an markedly expanded text of the  last two reports by Mark Spivey over that posted on the online edition. It is worth reading.  The public session was "taped" and should  be avaiable on the Plainfield channel.

Meanwhile we must wait for developments. The independent investigators report must be made public in its entirety.It can first be transmitted to the Council in closed session but there should be no editing before its release.

 If the 3 individuals who still have to  be questioned by the Independent Counsel refused to voluntarily appear and had to be subpoenaed  engage legal aid, the City can in no way accept responsibility for the costs involved. They had their chance.  


Wednesday was Iran's President's i5 minutes of glory at the UN. Nothing new was said and these quotes are from an AP article: Ahmadinejad provoked a walkout by diplomats from more than 30 countries at the General Assembly when he attacked the U.S. and Europe as being greedy, arrogant and too ready to use military force. He has made similar waves in past gatherings in New York, but at home his powers have been weakened by Iran's ruling clerics.

 Hours after criticizing America ***In an interview with The Associated Press, Ahmadinejad claimed that explosive material and not planes brought down the World Trade Center, rejected the West's view of his country's nuclear ambitions and castigated U.S. policies from Libya to Pakistan. 

But he also complained that President Barack Obama never made good on a pledge to try to open a dialogue with Iran, and said he still hopes for a face-to-face meeting. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Thursday that time has not run out for the two countries to repair their bad relationship.
"I don't believe that this is a chance that has been completely lost," Ahmadinejad said.

Today Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas will address the  UN General Assembly and put forth his request for national status. Some time later in the day Israel's  Prime Minister  Benjamin Netanyahu will also address the Assembly. He will probably focus on why the Palestinians should not be granted Statehood at this time and also focus on the danger to the world that Iran represents with its increasing nuclear capabilities.

All the above is  known conjecture. What will happen in the UN  Security Council  is more important. Obama has  announced  the US position. The position of the  countries that do not have veto power will be interesting. How much will represent  honest opinion or  political posturing may not be determined since those countries know that in face  of one Veto their vote is meaningless.

In our minute speck of earth we will remain interested in the outcome of Plainfield's Councils investigation. 
"What a tangled web we (mortals) weave"

If you thought that that quotation was written by the Bard, Shakespeare, you were wrong'
The author  of this famous and appropriate quote was Sir Walter Scott.
The actual quotation comes from these lines in 'Marmion" and I have bold faced the two lines that stand together"
 "Yet Clare's sharp questions must I shun
Must separate Constance from the nun
Oh! what a tangled web we weave
When first we practise to deceive!

A Palmer too! No wonder why
I felt rebuked beneath his eye "

How true!!!


Thursday, September 22, 2011


One of the benefits of having an alarm clock(yes I do have one set for 9am as  a backup to normal 7 to 8 am up time) that did not work is that instead of writing a semi-detailed account of the Council's Special meeting I like the rest of us have been able to read a "reporter's" account on Plaintalker II (Bernice) and Plainfield Today's excellent review with commentary. Mark Spivey's report-Yes he was there- should be published Friday since it was too late for Thursday's deadline. (posted on line by 4:00PM 9/22-  )

Dan Damon in his Plainfield Today post  gives links to previous postings on the issue; Plaintalker  posted  on  8/18/10,9/5/10 and 9/8/10 including an OPRA report with a copy of the Investors Bank Check of $15,000.00 for Fireworks on July 4th.  It is probably as coincidental as is the existence  of the tooth fairy that the Mayor's first request from the City Administrator Bibi Taylor was for a $14,000.00 check for WBLS and a $6,000.00 additional check.

What stood out from Taylor's testimony was:
  1. The Mayors insistence that conversations be held on personal cell phones, not city land line or cell phones.
  2. Taylor's repeated references to the Mayor's use of expletives in her multiple conversations.
  3.  Taylor in reply to  Attorney Rivera's specific questioned stated that she felt threatened by the Mayor.
  4. The use of funds from the Information Technology & Media account line  with out Council approval of transfer to another Administrative  line was not according to legal requirements.
  5. That the Investors Savings Bank Check for  $15,000.00 conveniently issued on July 30, 2010 when  the Mayor was frantically searching for funds was for July 4th Fireworks and to the Recreation Division. If that money was used for any part of the WBLS  payment what was the authority
  6. Were  Purchasing Supervisor Spaulding and Acting CFO Cummings aware that they were participating in a possible irregular transaction? Were they forced to do so  or if aware willing accomplices?
  7. Unanswered in public session was  what advice the Corporation Counsel gave to Taylor and the Mayor. This would be the subject of the closed hearings. 
 Once again the impression is overwhelming that the failure to seek and a appoint a Certified CFO as required by law was not the lack of the availability of such an individual but an overwhelming desire not to have qualified supervisory control  over financial matters.

The testimony of the three other subpoenaed persons is needed before any decision can be made.

However it appears as of today that there has been  in at least one instance improper use of Municipal funds. Should it be determined that there was a concerted effort by multiple individuals to this end is a criminal investigation justified?

Since where there is smoke there may be fire; the Council should demand a forensic audit by the State  for at least FY 2010, 2009 as well  as at least the first six months of FY 2011. If there are gross irregularities then in should be backdate to include the entire years of the present administration. The City Auditors should be questioned about all unreported irregularities they found.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


At 8pm the City Hall Library resembled a Congressional Committee Hearing chamber.  As expected  after passing a Resolution authorizing Banner hanging  permission for the High School Band to march from the school to Hub Stein Field for football games within 3 minutes after the meeting opened the Council went in to a short Executive (closed) Session. All Council m embers were present except Councilor Reid.

At 8:30 the public meeting was reconvened. There had been 5 subpoenas issued. Only former City Administrator Bibi Taylor and Corporation Counsel Williamson were present.

Absent was  Acting Purchasing Supervisor Spaulding who had been served Friday; Acting (at that time) CFO Cummings who could not be served because there was confusion about her apartment number, and the Mayor since  the Process Server could not access her office and apparently had the  wrong home address. Her Attorney is supposed to have accepted the subpoena on either Monday or Tuesday and for  technical reasons advised her not to appear. It was understood that she and her attorney will be willing to meet with the Council in closed Session at some other time.

Bibi Taylor finished her testimony at 9:30 pm. However since there were questions about conversations  during the Mayor's Cabinet meetings it was the ruling that due to the presence of the Corporation Counsel at those meetings the Attorney/Client relationship applied and any testimony about them would be considered privileged and had to be heard in Executive Session. There fore at 9:30 the Council again went into Executive Session.

Since the other "witness'; Corporation Counsel Williamson had claimed  Attorney/Client confidentiality his hearing was to follow in closed session.

Briefly, a enough was heard to understand that there was some "hanky panky" involved in the issuance of a $20,000.00 check to WBLS. I will  post more later  Thursday.


Our Constitution gives every American the right to worship in his own preference. Too often we a s individuals forget that and let our religious bigotry which is unfortunatly inflamed by our religions leadership tp let too many wilfully violate the law of the land. 

Recent examples are the protests against the Mosque near the 9/11 site. Another is the public outpouring against the building of the Mosque in Bridgewater. Both are a condemnation of all who practice a specific religion by association with the actions of a small terrorist group bent on destroying our way of life.

The pinical of religious hatred was reach in Nazi Germany which practiced genocide to the degree that 6 million Jews were murdered. A crime that those not actively involved condoned by lack of action. Yet today there are a substantial number of Americans who believe or expound that the Hoacaust is a Jewish Hoax. We let them spread their views since hey are righly so protected by our Constitution. Yet they would deny other faiths their Constitutional right.

This week International religious bigotry perhaps on many sides will be put to test at the UN. Once again not only Israel but the Paletinians are going to be the pawns of power ambitions by political leaders from agressibve states.

Our President is caught between a rock and a hard stone. Our national as well as moral interests lie in preserving the State of Israel a near true democracy albeit sometimes impacted by the actions of a small n narrowminded group of religious zealots. Our humatarian interests are with the needs of the Palastinian Arabs who have never been accepted by the countries to which they fled. Our political needs are very dependened on those Near eastern Nations that control much of the energy we need. .

There is much propaganda about this UN meeting and the Palestinians' request for "nation status". I have posted background material the past two days as a matter of interest. Today I am posting a copy of an editorial from the Washington Post, a most respected independent newspaper. I have boldfaced several important points; the  underlined (and blue)  parts are as printed in the paper.

Editorial Board Opinion
Once again, Israel is scapegoated
By Editorial, Published: September 12

ISRAELIS WORRY that the Arab Spring is turning from a popular movement against dictatorship into another assault on the Jewish state, and their worry is not unfounded. Last week in Cairo a mob attacked the Israeli Embassy, forcing the evacuation of the ambassador and most of his staff; the previous week the Israeli ambassador to Turkey was expelled. Later this month Palestinians are expected to introduce a resolution on statehood at the United Nations, and Israel could be further isolated if, as expected, a large majority of the General Assembly votes in favor of it.

There’s little doubt that plenty of Arabs and Turks are angry at Israel. But it’s worth noting that, as often is the case in the Middle East, those passions are being steered by governments.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who aspires to regional leadership, has directed a campaign against the government of Benjamin Netanyahu and stoked it with incendiary statements. Mr. Erdogan is furious that a U.N. investigation concluded that Israel’s blockade of the Gaza Strip, and thus its intervention to stop a Turkish-led flotilla last year, was legal. He also finds it convenient to lambaste Israel rather than talk about neighboring Syria, where daily massacres are being carried out by a regime Mr. Erdogan cultivated.

The assault on the embassy in Cairo has been condemned by the leaders of Egypt’s popular revolution and by some leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood. Both they and Western diplomats blame the ruling military for failing to secure the embassy, and they suspect the omission may have been part of an effort to divert rising public unrest toward a familiar target.

In the West Bank, polls have shown that President Mahmoud Abbas’s U.N. statehood initiative is regarded as a low priority by the majority of Palestinians, 60 percent of whom said the better option was resuming direct negotiations with Israel. But Mr. Abbas fears he may be the next target of popular uprising; the U.N. gambit appears aimed in part at preempting that.

This is not to say the trend is benign. Israel is looking more isolated than at any time in decades. It is more than a hapless bystander: Mr. Netanyahu’s government could have avoided a crisis with Turkey had it been willing to apologize for the deaths of nine Turks during the interception of the flotilla, which the U.N. panel rightly judged to be an excessive use of force. An incident in which five Egyptian guards were killed when Israeli forces pursued terrorists crossing the border helped to trigger the upsurge in tensions with Cairo. And Mr. Netanyahu’s slowness to embrace reasonable parameters for Palestinian statehood provided Mr. Abbas with a pretext for his U.N. initiative.

It nevertheless is in the interest of Western governments, as well as of Israel, to resist the counterproductive and irresponsible initiatives of Mr. Abbas and Mr. Erdogan. In Egypt, the military has cited the attack on the Israeli Embassy as a pretext to apply emergency laws and censor the media; those, too, are steps in the wrong direction. The core demands of the Arab Spring have nothing to do with Israel: They are about ending authoritarian rule and modernizing stagnating societies. Scapegoating Israel will not satisfy the imperative for change. 

(It will be nice to get back to the Council tomorrow)


President Obama will address the UN today. He may speak on the Palestine/ Israel issue. We will wait to see.

It is  unclear if Iran President Ahmadinejad will speak today or tomorrow. Last year when he  spoke 21 nations walked out of the Assembly in protest.

Perhaps more later after I read the newspapers. These are trying times.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Also crucial to the International scene and probably of greater impact on world affairs; the Palestinians will be petitioning the United Nations for independent Statehood Status, including membership in the UN.  Should this be brought up in the General? Assembly they will be granted national recognition based on the pre-1967 war borders. 

The United Nations General Assembly consists of a majority of Arab and other Third World nations who in the past have demonstrated nothing but animosity toward the State of Israel. The vote the in that assembly will be indicative of political intent and not based on merit.

A brief history lesson is needed. After World War I the area that is known as Palestine was awarded to the British as a Mandate.  In 1947 United Nations’ Resolution 181 I divided the British mandate into an Israeli  Mandate and an Arab Mandate;  both to be administered by the United Nations. However, the Israeli immediately declared independence as a Nation.

Within a day Jordan with the aid of Syria and Iraq invaded and occupied the so-called Arab Mandate and the Egyptians occupied the Gaza Strip. What followed was the War of Independence. After an armistice was declared; Jordan occupied what is known as the West Bank.

In 1967 the Egyptians blockaded the Persian Gulf and amassed troops in the Sinai. At the same time the Jordanians with the Syrians and Iraqis began military movements along the border.  The Gulf blockage was an Act of War designed to cut Israel off from Ocean access. The Israelis in a preemptive strike defeated the Arab armies in what is known as the “Six Day War”.

It was at that time the present-day borders of Israel were defined to include all of Jerusalem. After 1967 when the Israelis occupy the city of Jerusalem they opened the city for worship to all religions preserving the sacred Arab site on the mount.  Recall, that the Jordanians had not only denied Jews from their Holy sites including the Wailing (West) Wall but had destroyed and desecrated all Synagogues in the City.

Once again no peace treaty was signed between any of the Arab Nations and Israel, only a fragile truth which lasted until 1973 when the Syrians/Iraqi and Egyptians attacked Israel without warning in the” Yom Kippur war. The Jordanians remained neutral. This war ended with a crushing defeat of the Arabs by an arminister with the Egyptians and a cease fire with the Syrians. At that time Israel occupied the Golan Heights and all of the Sinai to the Suez Canal after relinquishing control of captured Egypt west of the Canal.
Subsequently, after a peace treaty Israel returned all of the conquered Egyptian territory except the Gaza strip.

Unfortunately despite several aborted attempts there has been continuous conflict between the Arabs and Jews. The majority of it has been bombings and rocket attacks on Jewish civilians. This had resulted in counter military action by the Israelis against Hamas in the Gaza Strip and Hezbollah which is supported by Iran but based in Syrian controlled Lebanon.  
That is a very sketchy review of the history to date.

The Palestinians could deserve national status except for the fact that they have never acknowledge Israel's right to exist. Over the years after the creation of the state of Israel; people have forgotten that what is known as the West Bank and the Gaza Strip were supposed to be mandated territories. Jordan's annexation of the West Bank was unilateral and not part of the creation of the state of Israel.

First and foremost, indeed the 1947 refugees from Palestine have never been welcomed or absorbed by any of the Arab nations to which they fled. The refugee camps remain after 60 years. In fact they were subject in Jordan of its army’s military action several years ago.

The blame for the lack of peace lies in both parties. It is unfortunate that the present leadership in Israel has been motivated more by national politics than I vigorously seeking options conducive to peace. The Palestinians, especially those in the Gaza Strip have been more interesting in creating havoc in Israel on this pursuit of peace the frequent rocket attacks are directed at civilians, women and children, and not part of a military war however there is little or no international condemnation of such actions.

If the Palestinians request is first heard in the Security Council which is likelihood; the position of the United States will be critical. Since 1967 this country has been protect of Israel but the last demonstration has adopted a pro-Arab policy based on world politics and the near East. I what happens in the Security Council is going to be a test of the Obama government. This will be an interesting week to watch 50 impact potentially be world shaking.


A grey depressing day greets us this Tuesday Sept. 20,2011. This  may portend the events  of this last week of Summer.  We wait for  the Special Council meeting and on a more universal scale the opening session of the UN.  

This will be a tumultuous week in New York City and in the international scene.  As the United Nations begins  its fall session the major events will undoubtedly  be the appearance of the president of  Iran  to address the assembly. If  past performances run true  this leader  of  rouge country which has been secretly acquiring  material for atomic bombs as well as developing the capability  of delivering them anywhere in Europe, India and  Africa.  Iran  is in the process of developing  potential missile to attack the United States, which he has persistently verbally attacked and  may be  a financial as well as material supporter of terrorists aimed  at us.

Recently, probably in anticipation of the UN meeting,  after two years imprisonment the Iranians announced that Americans hikers who had been arrested as spies could be given their freedom on payment of $500 million as be. This is really  ransom money.  It should not be expected that they would return to Iran once they are safely back in America.  Iran is no better than the Barbary Pirate nations of the late 18th and early 19th century.

(Part 2 - too long- to follow)