Thursday, June 22, 2017


Another day and I am beginning to see the top of my desk as well as the carpet on the floor. I have also deleted about 90% of the emails that accumulated while I was enjoying my 4 great grandchildren. who are between the ages of 11 and 16. I am getting old!

Today, Thursday, we will learn what the GOP Senate leadership is planning as a replacement of amendment to the ACA. 

Did you know that in August there will be a total eclipse of the sun that will be visible in most of the US?

This article from Biblical Archaeology is most informative

Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Still recovering from the 3hr flight delay and lack of wheelchair that I had requested at the plane when disembarking.

The situation in the near East is a powder keg ready to explode. Russia has threatened our planes over Syria and one of their fighter jets came within 5ft of the wingtip of an American recognizance plane over the Baltic. Putin continues to challenge us and the world. The danger is that it would take only a slight miscalculation to start another war.

North Korea’s treatment of the American student was criminal. Arrested and sentenced to 15 year of hard labor for taking a propaganda poster as a souvenir he was without doubt tortured and beaten to most likely cause cardiac arrest and brain anoxia to destroy so many brain cells.

There too, its adventurous leader may start a war if his position seems threatened.

And here at home who knows where the investigations will end up. Could be another Nixon episode.

For relief some political cartoons:

Monday, June 19, 2017


Our plane from Columbus was three hours late last night. Thank goodness for TV dinners at 10 pm.  I was attending a "blessed family event; my great grand daughter's Bat Mitzvah- becoming an adult( age 13). 
Obviously I am exhausted and most likely will miss tonight's meeting.

Like all I will miss Bernice's blog. Plainfield has lost its most important source of unbiased news. Years ago bloggers were the 21st Century pamphleteers, but like many things of the past have  fallen to the new, social media including Twitters and of course Facebook.

This blog is now in its  9th year and I intend to continue not as Bernice's  replacement nor daily but as my original concept of Potpourri; items that I find of interest and believe that other s  will enjoy. That includes impressions about meetings as  well as national interests. The first years I shared photos  from trips abroad many off the common European itinerary including visits to Afghanistan and Iran in the era of the Shah the pre Ayatollah American friendly Persia plus my remembrance of Plainfield when it was the Queen City as well as WWII.

Monday, June 12, 2017


After week when Murphy’s Law seemed to affect everything; I have a welcomed week with family. Thus I will not have much free time for a blog.

If I get to Tuesday’s night Council meeting I may post on Wednesday

My internet copy of the agenda has some typos except for the fact that in one resolution we are spending money for “Plain-Field” they are meaningless.

There are some big cost items that Bernice has already alluded to, but the two Ordinance on redevelopment plans should be the subject of public interest and comment.

Hope it is not too hot for a crowded City Hall Library.