Tuesday, July 3, 2012


I have written enough in the last few days. Thus I was not intending to post today or on the 4th.

However in my insomnia I began to realize that while we are are focusing on the Health Care implications of the Court's decision; we have been blind to the most important and far reaching impact of Robert's ruling.

He has opened a new can of worms by giving the government a new line of taxation not provided in the Constitution: Employing "penalties" for non compliance to Congressional action. That is the ruling which justified the mandated insurance provision although Roberts wrote that it was by itself illegal.

This is a potential weapon that can destroy our personal liberties. Think about it.

The comments that I had posted are now a separate post.


  1. or better yet Doc... wonder if the tax is less than buying the health insurance ???
    Why would I bother ???

  2. Yeah, that's right, let someone else pay for your healthcare. I know you, I've seen you hundreds of times. You say I'm healthy, why should I pay for something I don't need. then something bad happens-you fall and get a head injury,you crash your car (and if you think you car insurance will cover all your healthcare costs you are sadly mistaken unless you get a million dollar policy)and have 3 broken extremities. you get taken care of in the hospital and want to go to rehab-but you have no resources to go, then you blame everyone else and expect to be taken care of.

  3. No Anonymous... I most definitely would keep my health insurance. I am not stupid. But there are plenty of people who are stupid and will use this as a reason to not carry it.
    I don't believe in using Emergency Rooms for my healthcare nor do I believe in living off the government or expecting the government to make my life better.