Tuesday, July 17, 2012


One would think that people would learn a lesson from the Sandusky affair. For a governing board or its members to ignore or dismiss complaints of abuse by a division or individual makes them just as culpable as the offenders,

At Penn State Paterno was informed years ago about Sandusky’s actions in the showers. Yet he refused to take any direct action because he was his friend and it might bring shame to his football program.  Instead he informed his superior but let his friends continue to use the facilities and travel with the team.

The University President who claims not to have been informed and the trusties using the same excuse did not act hoped that the problem would “go away”. The Athletic Director and various officials of responsibility also took a “hands off approach”.

When the bubble broke as most do,  all have suffered from their inaction. Paterno’s halo disappeared and his reputation will be forever tarnished. The others have been forced to resign and may face criminal charges but certainly indefensible litigation from families of victims.

This is a tale that members of the Council and Administration should pay attention. They may be guilty of similar potentially criminal action by ignoring rumors of fiscal irregularities especially in the conduct of the Independence Day celebration.

Where there is smoke there is most likely fire. The least Administration can do is have an open public investigation, and give a detail accounting of its findings.

If the Council fails to aggressively to determine if there is any substance to these rumors and innuendos and if it ultimately turns up that there were irregularities or even criminal actions; there is a possibility that members as a group and/or each one who did not speak up can be found guilty of complicity.

I for one do not have any firsthand knowledge of any illegal transaction. I have heard and read too many second and third person’s charges and in commentaries in blogs, especially about the recent celebration to believe that this matter may be nonsense.  However, I do not think the local authorities should sweep the matter under the carpet.

There is also a remote possibility that somehow these "reports" will catch the eye of responsible authorities in Trenton and a long overdue forensic audit will be ordered.


  1. Hi Doc,

    It seems that there have been many years of complaints about the Recreation Dept. and nothing is resolved. We leave it to the mayor, as that is her direct responsibility, but we know she's a do-nothing mayor. I hope our City Council does look into this and somehow we can get rid of Dave Wynn. He is a diaster and doesn't deserve his job.

    Bob Bolmer

  2. There are many people who are aware of the wrong doing in Recreation. But unfortunately they can't or won't speak out because they need their jobs or they need the fields/facilities controlled by wynn. Everyone also knows how vindictive he can be. There is certainly enough out there for someone beyond this adminstration to do something. The Council has proven they can do very little although this present Council excluding Greaves, Reid and Rivers have at least attempted to hold this administration accountable. The mayor and the other 3 councilors should be really looked at for their willingness to allow or at least look away from the obvious shady/questionable dealings. What other director or manager can just refuse to answer specific inquiries and keep their jobs. I'll tell you. No ONE ELSE!

  3. Bob, Dave and the mayor are friends. Reid, Rivers, and Greaves always side with the mayor. In order for anything to happen and stick you need a 5-2 vote. Good logic from you, but does the above answer the question why we are stuck with Wynn and why Plainfield is a mess?

  4. You guys are part of the problem also. No i'm not going to say part of the problem you are the problem.


  5. When it comes to our mayor and the three stooges on the City Council, I am asking rhetorical questions.