Wednesday, April 29, 2015


In my description of myself for this blog, I wrote “Over aged, trying to be "the last angry man". About any and all improprieties of stated interest. For some unknown reason has been listed for years in various editions of "Who's Who"(America, World, Science) I deny any responsibility for typos, spelling and poor punctuation. Hunt and peck has it faults.

I would hope that for the sake of the survival of this city which I call “OZ” there are a sufficient number of angry upset citizens who will do everything in their power including casting appropriate ballots when it counts. In OZ that is at the June Primary and for the School Board in November.

I was extremely disturbed that the latest Special meeting failed to have a quorum. It does not matter if there was or was not an urgent legitimate need for that meeting. If it was a failure of the Administration to recognize the time constraints involved; then the guilty parties should be identified and dealt with appropriately by a functioning Administration.

However the absence of Rivers, Taylor, Brown and Greaves is inexcusable without a valid reason conveyed to the City Clerk and the Mayor so that that meeting could have been rescheduled ASAP.

As an outsider the only conclusion I can reach considering members of the absent group that it was a political boycott for reasons not communicated to the public.

There will be many "defenders" who will blast me for the following most disturbing information which I received via the internet and feel that it should be common knowledge.

The use of OPRA can reveal interesting facts about the commitment of our elected leaders and Board Commissioners to the welfare of the city which they have sworn be fiduciaries; or their callous ignoring their basic responsibilities.

We all should be horrified to learn, as I have been informed, but as of yet not check myself through OPRA, so I can only report this as a third person; both the Chairperson and another Commissioner on the PMUA Board do not believe in paying their PMUA bills. Each about April 15 this year owed over $2500.00. Also I have been informed that our ex-Mayor owes PMUA over $1300.00, and one Councilwoman almost $1200.00. Apparently Councilor Taylor who is exempt from City Taxes due to her late husband’s military service and subsequent disability also believes that her PMUA services are free. Ask her how much she owes as of April 15.

Those facts are all available to the public and should not be ignored since these people are our paid civil servants and determining how OUR tax/PMUA payments are spent. If you question the truth please don't accept it, however perhaps you should  verify these facts by seeking the information that you are entitled to by law.

Each one may have a valid reason for their delinquency, however since all are paid through funds received from the people they are supposed to save perhaps their can be an Ordinance or a Referendum requiring ant suns owed be taken out of their service compensation prior to their receiving it.

I am sure that an OPRA of their tax records could reveal similar non payments. In the past it is known that at least three Councilors’ were always delinquent in their tax payments.

Yes; are they working for us or taking advantage of their political positions ?


Busy morning, will post late today.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Is there justice; no. Is there a justifiable protest reason; yes. Is what happened in Baltimore Monday appropriate and excusable; absolutely not.

Believe it or not that in spite of most peoples ingrained prejudices, there are many of us Black, White, and “Yellow” that firmly believe that all humans irrespective of skin color, religious beliefs, ethnic or national origins are equally the same.

Unfortunately too many others still treat those different from them with contempt. There is a large segment of Plainfielders that fall into that group and make it their life work to attack others usually to promote a self-serving agenda.

What happened in Baltimore could happen here what little provocation.

There is no question that the police may have acted in a deliberate manner that could have contributed to Freddie Gray’s death. However, the sketchy reports of a spinal injury needs clarification about location and how it caused sudden death. I have not seen an autopsy report.

It is possible that since he was not restrained inside the vehicle and it was driven in a manner to throw him around inside the van that he could have suffered a cervical spine injury which could have resulted in complete paralysis below the neck including muscles of respiration.

If this was the death cause then all the officers involved deserve criminal prosecution. Because Freddie Gray was black does not mean that there will be a whitewash, certainly the AG’s office will investigate civil rights violation, and now that Lynch has been approved as the new AG, despite an unjustified political delay in her conformation; I am sure that that will takes place posthaste.

But are riots such as those that took place in Ferguson and Baltimore and appropriate method of protest. The burning and looting that occurred and involved innocent people is only aimed at personal gain, fueled by criminal gangs and outsiders. The backlash against African-Americans will negate any gains. King and Gandhi made their point by peaceful yet mass protest.

The “racial” nature of the protest against the government in Baltimore disregards the fact that the Mayor is African-American and the voting majority in the city also is Black.

Sunday, April 26, 2015


The monthly special meeting is on for Monday night at 7pm in the City Hall Library. Since the single item:” A BOND ORDINANCE PROVIDING FOR THE 2015 ROAD IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM, BY AND IN THE CITY OF PLAINFIELD, IN THE COUNTY OF UNION, STATE OF NEW JERSEY; APPROPRIATING $4,000,000 THEREFOR (INCLUDING GRANTS FROM THE NEW JERSEY DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION AND THE COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT BLOCK GRANT PROGRAM) AND AUTHORIZING THE ISSUANCE OF $3,000,000 BONDS OR NOTES OF THE CITY TO FINANCE PART OF THE COST THEREOF.” should not be contentious and should receive the needed 5 votes it seems that this meeting was scheduled at almost a decent time. Why not 7:30?

There is no support material available with the notice. What has happened with the last road bond issue? Has it been exhausted?

I will not be attending this meeting and perhaps not the next agenda fixing session, but as soon as can drive comfortably will be at the meetings. The world has earthquakes and erupting volcanoes, plus severe storms and Plainfield has its politics.