Thursday, November 26, 2015


This is the blog I was not going to write! I hope all had a great Thanksgiving and can also enjoy a 4 day weekend.

My own Thanksgiving Day was a quiet one at home with Dawg but for one hour interrupted by calls from my four children and two grandchildren. The highlight was of course going out to dinner with Ron and Paula.

I don’t like restaurants on holidays such as Thanksgiving and Mother’s Day since they are so crowded and the service is bent on getting this bunch out so that the next shift can be seated. However this time the food was tasty and we were not rushed. There was of course two glitches, my vegetables were only lukewarm and the waiter forgot to place the bread basket on the table until requested. At the prices of “special meals” that should have been automatic.

This made up for Wednesday when I was intending to do needed house cleaning; not of the dusting or vacuuming type but (a) clearing off my desk so I could see the top, (b) placing all requests for funds that I will not act upon before January into a folder, (c) paying a few bills, (d) cleaning up email and (e) installing the Windows 10 correction upgrade. The last chore was really an installation of a new Windows 10 OS.

When I had upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 it was an easy and fairly rapid process. Yesterday was different.

I had been told that it would be time consuming so that was why I had waited. Well, everything ran as expected until 2e reached a point that the screen said 92% completed when time seemed to have stood still. One hour later the screen still read 92% and although the computer light occasional continued to blink it was obvious that the installation was stuck.

My Maven who was helping suggested disconnecting everything that was attached except the monitor, including some USB plugins. Once that was done the installation woke up and in about 30 minutes was completed

The only problem is that my external speakers are not working, and I have to move a ton of hardware to trace the cables. Also I am having a problem with the display; the toolbars are too large and cut off the “page” so that I can’t find the arrows on the bottom.

But I am sure this too will pass. However it was not the worse of my electronic misadventures. I was watching the Not Wednesday; midway through the second half UVA/Lehigh basketball game on my TV. Since it was only on ESPN3, the internet channel, here I had to use my Roku, which has never given me any problems.

Not Wednesday; midway through the second half the screen went blank and I received the message that Roku had lost its HiFi connection.

When I tried to reconnect I had to use the computer and Verizon would not accept my password. Finally I had to reinstall the sane password which Verizon accepted. By that time it was past bedtime.

Since I am not “Black Fridaying” I hope today will be better. By the way; my computer desk is relatively clean but I can’t find the attached desk due to the stuff now on it.

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  1. Your experience confirms for me not to convert to Windows 10. A friend's computer crashed during installation and warned me to not do it. I'm going to stick with 7.