Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Wednesday’s paranoid Ledger blasts Christie an s un-American and immoral for saying that he will not permit any Syrian Refuges into our State. Christie however is only one of 27 Governors whose states have taken the same stance

The refugees from various locations are all fleeing threats to their lives. Almost all Americans themselves or their ancestors came to this continent under such circumstances. While itis true that most arrived here in a regulated legal manner there are some who are true “illegals”. It is also true that our Constitution states that a person born in this country is without reservations, a citizen.

We are living in a time of fear from terrorist attacks and one where hundreds of thousand humans are fleeing from their native land due to active aggressions against their lives. This is not limited to Syria and Iraq but includes countries on all the continents.

Recent terrorism has not been limited not only to the bombing of the Russian plane, or the murderous forays in Paris, but also bombings in Beirut Lebanon as well as in the last two months in Ankara (Turkey) where explosions left over100 dead. Pakistan, the Philippines and of course the Boko-Haram bombings in Nigeria, Chad and Cameroon.

My point is that we live in a world where terrorist attacks on innocent civilians is the norm, not the exception. It will have to be a global effort to wipe out such groups as ISIS, or the Boko-Haram, or the Iran supported Hezbollah.

No amount of Arial bombings can accomplish that; it will take boots on the ground with its accompanying casualties. That will require a cooperation by all affected with ignoring religious and political differences. Above all, the locals have to be supportive in the process of destroying the terrorists.

Any effort by us to destroy ISIS without the active participation of such a confederations of nations such as Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States, Turkey, Egypt other Islamic nations both predominantly Sunni or Shia, plus European Union countries as well as Russia will be doomed to failure.

And above all we must eliminate all other terrorists, even if they are only in Africa or Southeast Asia.

Finally I would condemn bigots such as Senator Cruz who would only admit Christians, as if they are beyond being terrorists. Remember Oklahoma City.


  1. Oklahoma, Charleston, current excessive force from law enforcement...there are a lot of recent acts of terror in the U.S. as well. Will global boots on the ground solve the issues here as well?

  2. Hi Doc,

    Well said about the absolute requirement for a real comprehensive committed coalition of all affected countries to successfully defeat ISIS in particular and terrorism in general. This would be similar to the coalition that successfully waged the first Gulf War and in complete contrast to willful war of aggression in Iraq started by the second President Bush which completely destabilized the Middle East, opened the floodgates for sectarian violence, and fomented the rise of ISIS in addition to costing over 5,000 American lives and over 100,000 Iraqi lives and tens of thousands more in wounded and over $3 Trillion in American taxpayer dollars.

    There is another point you wrote about the other day that should be mandatory before America puts ‘boots on the ground’ in an armed conflict anywhere in the world, namely a National Draft. Every man or woman of service age should be called into the military to serve in the conflict. One of the primary reasons our elected officials were not held accountable for the decisions they made to start and how they waged the Iraq War was because too few American families had family members or friends fighting in it. If memory serves, few if any of the elected officials who voted to start the war in Iraq had any family members fighting in it. Contrast that to the Vietnam War where with the draft lottery anyone’s son could end up fighting in the war. As a result, a broad cross-section of the American people was much more vocal and forceful in their opposition to the war. The Draft should be a pre-condition to engaging in any armed conflict so that every elected official would have a personal stake in the vote they were casting, by having the knowledge they were potentially putting their own son or daughter or grandson or grand daughter in harm’s way, not just somebody else’s kids. Without a draft, it’s too easy for an elected official to cast a vote to go to war, knowing they had no stake in it.

    While it is possible for a terrorist to enter the country as a refugee, it is certainly not the most probably because it takes between 18-24 months for a refugee to enter the country. It is far more likely for a terrorist to enter the county with any one of the various visa exemptions because it takes a lot less time. Instead of myopically focusing on Syrian refugees in particular or the refugee clearance process in general, it would be far better to focus our security efforts on improving the effectiveness of the visa clearance process.

    I also agree with you about religious bigots of any religion. Christians don’t have clean hands when it comes to violence or terrorism. Remember the Crusades. Throughout history, religious extremists from every religion, Christians included, have cherry-picked from their scriptures to justify their use of violence and terrorism as being sanctioned by God, when in reality they are using violence to gain power and control. The tenets of the three major religions, which all claim a common ancestor in Abraham, are love of God and love of the other.

    Tom Kaercher

    1. Tom, under "No Child Left Behind" every school in the US that receives any Federal funding MUST t rn over all unformation on every student (male and frmale) once they complete the 11th grade or face losing their funding. Some school districts have included the military entrance test in their exit exams for graduation. Most people don't know that, they just think it is a part of the test. Now, there us a database with the students info and locally it is given to the recruiting offices which affords them the opportunity to cine to your home and on any HS campus to actively recruit. Now saying all if this to say this, IF the draft is ever reinstated, they can call your house tonight and tell you child to report tomorrow to be on the bus to a base for basic training. Now I'm sure most of Congress has their kids in private schools so it STILL wouldn't affect them.

    2. Terri, Thank you for the info. I was unaware of such a regulation. Interesting; another Orwell "Big Brother is watching you".

  3. The president has referred to ISIS as JV. If there are so JV, then why hasn't the president been able to eliminate them? Every time he opens up his mouth, ISIS grows bolder while we do little to stop them. As far as accepting refugees, this cannot happen until we get a handle this mess. Call me bigoted, I don't care!

  4. What about the terrorists who are coming from the U.S. to join ISIS?

  5. Hi Terri,

    Thanks for the information. I had no idea about that and as you point out, most people are probably unaware of it too. And you are probably right that most legislators have their kids in private schools that may not comply with the process you described. That's why I am with Doc on advocating for legislation creating a mandatory military draft for all American, men and women regardless of socio-economic background or who you are related to, before any wars or military engagements can be authorized. It's too easy for someone to vote to go to war, when they are putting someone else' kid in harms way and it's too easy for the American people at large to ignore American military engagements when they no one they know is involved in the fighting. With mandatory military service more Americans and maybe most Americans would have a stake in the war

    Tom Kaercher

  6. Getting all these different peoples of different ethnic backgrounds, religions and political persuasions is a near impossible feat to say the least.
    The only thing you could get everyone to agree on is that the bad people are to blame. Problem is that not everyone can agree on who is the problem!