Friday, November 20, 2015


DAN in his PLAINFIELD TODAY blog wrote today about the danger of an “oil train” accident affecting Plainfield. He was concerned that the Raritan Valley line through Plainfield was being used for such traffic.

He did find out that as he should have known these tracks belong to NJ transit (DOT) and are for passenger use. There may be some “work trains” but I have not seen any.

There also could be connections so that these tracks could be used in an emergency if the freight lines were blocked.

When the private RR systems were going bankrupt the portion of the old Lehigh Valley RR that runs through South Plainfield became a joint operation of the Norfolk Southern and the CSX which includes among others the old C&O, B&O, and Western Maryland plus the old NYC freight route across Northern New York and the old West Shore Line.

Norfolk Southern also operates over the old DLW tracks. Oil trains have run over the branch that goes through South Plainfield to the Amboys.

Incidentally the Canadian Pacific is in talks to buy the NS.

Yes there is a danger but the choices for us here in the east for fuel is either by rail or pipeline. The environmentalists try to block the use of both. Also there is the NIMBYs. Unfortunately if we want to eat our cake we have to have it.

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  1. Pipelines are evil ( though they hardly pose the threat that trains do ). Oil tankers have the potential o contaminate our beaches. Trucks pose a conspicuous hazard. Nuclear plants are taboo. Wood and coal fires pollute the atmosphere. The off shore wind farm was rejected. To my knowledge none of the environmental zealots walk to work, or has trashed their furnace. This is not to say that appropriate pollution mitigation should not be aggressively pursued. Only that some common sense need be applied in the process. Bill Kruse