Tuesday, November 3, 2015


I was informed that the “good guys” won their seats on the Council. It will not change Council control but with 3 seats and always the possibility that one of the other four will as has happened in the past vote with them on items critical to Plainfield’s welfare.

This result could represent a personal defeat Green who if as unconfirmed despite his positions as Chair of the City and County Democrat Committees was giving sub-rosa support to Ortega and Campbell in the Council races.

On the other hand the Mapp Administration should not take this as a mandate. It is hoped that there will be no more baffling weird personal appointments, unexplainable staffing attempts, or ignoring proper procedures.


  1. Doc Greene did not back Ortega or Campbell.

    1. Read what I wrote. I id not say he backed the two so called independents. I wrote "if as unconfirmed" ie" rumored.. There have been indications that it was so , but not openly so no one can ever verify such a position.

  2. Green's people were backing Ortega and Campbell in a covert way. Green opened a headquarters last weekend and Norman's campaign material was found there. On election day one of the "Democrat" workers Jerry was using was caught handing out Campbell's column C material in front of the polls. Wilma and Anna Belin Pyles and school maintenance staff and even new school IT director Chris Payne were driving around trying to get the large size placards used by Morgan and Goode and Storch removed from school property. AJ drove around to various sites explaining the law to them. On election day, the school grounds are considered board of election property and as long as the material is 100 feet away it can be there. They backed down from their illegal stance once AJ spoke. The question is this, if school maintenance staff is being used for political purposes by the Campbells, isn't that illegal?

  3. You are right, Doc. Green backed the Campbells in his usual sneaky, cannot prove a thing way.

    Plainfielders are either not too smart of very gullible.

  4. We still can't trust Jerry and definitely not the Campbells. I hope the mayor is more open and doesn't give us some surprise moves, but he is still much better than the self-serving one he replaced. By the way, Doc, Jerry is no longer the City Committee head, Mapp is. With 48 votes to put good people on the ballot, those Jerryites on the City Council can say goodbye to their bad governance.

  5. I shall remain Anonymous - however, I spoke to one of the ladies who was handing out Norman Ortega AND John Campbell Jr. literature. I started up a conversation with her and eventually asked her if Jerry Green was paying her for the day or by the hour and her response was "for the day". Hmmm . . .

  6. Anonymous hearsay only . That should be the criteria for belief, if the writer can stand up to his/her statement.