Thursday, November 5, 2015


Someone suggested that the Nov.9the Council dual session might have been canceled and rescheduled to the 233rd due to the NJ League of Municipalities conference in Atlantic City. However that is scheduled for the 16-18 so there has to be other reasons.

Like all such conventions/conferences this could be a valuable tool for Council members honestly concerned with understanding and improving their role as members of the governing body.

Unfortunately as in many such get togethers there is an abundance of parties and dinners sponsored by exhibitors and that is too often the sole goal of some (annual?) attendees.

This meeting cannot be the reason for such a late postponement.

There have been a few that questioned if this is not in some way related to the Superintendent’s sudden cancellation of the Youth Meeting with only explaining that it was an executive decision. They he anonymous have speculated if it could have been in retaliation for the Mayor’s strong objection to the Campbells using the BOE property adjacent to Cook School for a pre-election non-political party the weekend before elections?

With the weakening of the old power bases in Plainfield and the strong emergence of other aggressive factions seizing control of municipal entities with big budgets and plethora of jobs; the political picture in Plainfield has over the past 5 or 6 years become confused. Indeed there seems to be an ongoing struggle for power.

But this is all speculative at best and we expect that Council President Rivers will be forthcomming with an explanation.

10:23 PM: I will bet that the Ledger will devote its front page to one big headline; "Christie will not be on the stage  at the next debate! Oh the power of the press.

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