Sunday, November 22, 2015


I wish I could comment about the Council’s agenda but getting to the meat of the Ordinances and Resolutions as provided from the City site on the internet was an arduous time consuming project.

I do have a few questions; R421-15 Reimbursing Hope Community Partnership for its participation in the 4C program does not specify any amount.

R426-15 is for Cancellations of unspent Grant monies. Among the list are two gr ant s for “Community Local Library, one for 60K and the other for 90K out of which $19.76 was appropriated. It would be nice to know when were the grants enacted, for any specific purpose, and why were they not used.

R428-15 Renews the contract with the Associated Humane Society of Newark for Animal control at the cost of $121890.00. Among the many clauses is one for the removal of dead animals but excludes Deer. Who is responsible for the Deer I saw lying om the side of Woodland Ave on Sunday.There are lots of extra chsrges especially to residents for services. Plus out of working hours. What are we getting for our dollar?

R434-15 is for an extra 30K to Direct Mail Deposit for Printing, Mailing and Postage Services since we have exceeded the approved amount. On what?

There are others that I may have time to comment on before the meeting.

Note on the Ordinance regarding the South Ave project I was unable to open Exhibit “B” which I believe contains the terms of the PILOT. Also the South Second Street project is about 60 pages which again I did not have time to retrieve nor would print out. I hope the Councilors have read it.


  1. There was a separate contract with a company for dead deer removal. It was approved in September 2014. Info in this link:

  2. Thank you Bernice, Sept 2014 was a long time ago and I did not remember this resolution. Was i tonly for removal from private property or streets etc. also. And is it still in effect or has lapsed?

  3. Printing in both spanish and english cost money.