Friday, November 13, 2015


Friday the thirteenth (13th)! No Black cats and anyone who walks under a ladder deserves to have paint spilled on him. Even not being superstitious I have to admit that I was left bewildered when on opening my PC the desktop was upside down, the tool bar was along the left border, and when I moved the mouse the cursor went in the opposite direction..

Since I cannot read or type standing on my head, I enlisted expert help and zingo we were back in business.

The other bad news was the terrorist’s rampage in Paris, and a level 7.5 earthquake hit Japan. What will be #3?

The good news is of course the College Basketball season started. That will be twice w week when the Hoo’s play. That will also mean that many evenings will be taken up, but it may be productive since watching TV is the best anti-insomniac P know. It is also the time to relearn how to use the Roku. We are glad to hear that the Recreation Division’s basketball fracas has been resolved. I was not looking forward to two armed camps clashing at the Council meeting on the 23rd

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