Saturday, November 21, 2015


As a cop out for a blog; this Rasmussen report should be  most interesting to  readers.
Saturday, November 21, 2015
President Obama is at odds with the American people again this week.
The president is still insisting on bringing 10,000 Syrian refugees to the United States next year even though more than two-dozen governors, citing the links between those refugees and the terrorist killers in Paris last weekend, are asking that the Syrians not be settled in their states. Reflecting these national security concerns, the House on Thursday passed a bipartisan measure “pausing” Obama’s plan, with enough Democratic votes to override his threatened veto.
Sixty-three percent (63%) of voters oppose the president’s plan to bring the Syrians here, and 60% don’t want them settled in the state they live in. But the president is adamant, and Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid has vowed to prevent the “pause” measure from passing in his chamber.
But then Reid, Obama, Hillary Clinton and other senior Democrats also refuse to say America is at war with “radical Islamic terrorism” for fear of insulting all Muslims. Sixty percent (60%) of U.S. voters, on the other hand, say the United States is at war with radical Islamic terrorism, and 73% view that terrorism as a Very Serious threat to the United States.
Donald Trump and the other Republican presidential hopefuls argue that if America doesn’t identify radical Islamic terrorism as the enemy, it can’t begin to win the War on Terror
Of course, it’s hardly a novelty that the president is at odds with the voting public. The Justice Department yesterday asked the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn a federal appeals court ruling stopping Obama’s amnesty plan for illegal immigrants. Most voters have long opposed the president’s plan to exempt up to five million illegals from deportation. 
The same goes for Obamacare. Most voters still have an unfavorable opinion of the health care law and have felt that way in regular surveying since its passage by Congress in March 2010. Just 13% think Congress and the president should leave the health care law as is, but the president refuses to consider any changes.
Both the amnesty plan and the health care law are the subject of legal challenges by over 25 states, and if the president goes ahead with his plans for bringing the Syrians here, it’s likely that will be a third measure challenged in court by more than half of the states in the union.
The president’s daily job approval rating fell to the -20 range late in the week. We’ll be watching to see if this is a trend in the making.
Our latest monthly Hillary Meter finds that Democratic voters are more convinced than they have been in months that Clinton will be their nominee. But the former first lady and secretary of State isn’t exciting younger voters in her party.
Clinton also has few fans in the military.
Our weekly Trump Change survey suggests that Trump's tough response to the massacres in Paris has helped him regain some lost ground in the Republican presidential contest.
In last week’s Republican debate, Senator Rand Paul criticized fellow Senator Marco Rubio for his calls to substantially increase defense spending when the United States already spends more on its military than the next 10 countries combined. Turns out just half of U.S. voters are aware of how much this country spends on defense compared to the rest of the world, and a plurality wants the figure to increase.
Black Lives Matter or all lives matter is an ongoing political debate, but a New York Daily News/Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that most voters aren't convinced that the Black Lives Matter movement is interested in justice for all.


  1. It is a shame that a country of immigrants is so opposed to immigrants, especially if they are Muslim. I didn't see us banning Christians then a right wing Christian bombed the federal building in Oklahoma City and killed children and adults. There must be a vetting process to try to keep out dangerous people. This just seems so unamerican and so Tea Partyish and I trust them and Trump the least.

  2. Funny Bob, but what seems unAmerican to me is catering to a particular group such as the "Muslim".
    Don't say this, or don't print that, or don't draw this picture because it might insult someone. And 99% of the time that someone is Muslim, Atheist or gay.(Oh and don't forget the self righteous idiots demonstrating on the college campuses hoping to get out of doing some actual studying to get a passing grade)!
    Haven't heard one person in government or the media say, "We shouldn't say this or print that because it might insult or offend a Christian or a Jew."
    Had a History teacher back in 1968 who said that we really don't have to worry about the Russians or the Chinese Communists, that what we needed to prepare for was a future time when the Muslims numbers grew and they got there hands on extra cash. They would start the Crusades up all over again where they left off!

  3. Oh and by the way, for those of you who honestly believe that white Europeans started the Crusades, just not true!
    The Moors invaded Spain in 711AD and had a presence there until 1492AD. The Christians didn't send expeditions to the Holy Lands until 1095AD.
    While we are at it let us not forget the Ottoman Wars against Europe that started in the 13th century and ended with WWI.
    And before you wasichus(don't mean white man, means none Indian), start crying "white privilege" or some such thing, I ain't white! I am of a very varied mixed heritage. (Red, White, Black, Brown and Yellow).

  4. If you believe the President when he says ISIS (or to use his stupid ISIL) is JV and contained, then why are Syrians fleeing their country? Apparently, the President knows nothing of which he speaks.

  5. We have several forms of governing in our world. None of which work well with any of the others. Fascism, Communism, Theocracies and Democracies.
    These are not radical extremists and there is no such thing as a moderate Islam!
    Islam is a violent, intolerant religion which, in its current form, has no place in supposedly liberal western democracies.
    Read the accounts of native peoples in past centuries when their lands have been taken over by Islamic invaders.
    Like living under Nazi occupation in Europe being under constant threat of death for saying or doing the wrong thing even innocently.