Monday, November 9, 2015


No Council meeting thus little local stuff for an interesting blog. There still has been no explanation why there is a postponement. Ozian politics is inexplicable to those of us  outside the loops.

Oh yes Plainfield once more made the network news because of a fatal drive by shooting in the far west end with a young girl among the other two innocent casualties. Good publicity.

The proposed development for the old Wood site sounds good. I am sure that there will be no PILOT objections and no questioning about the impact on the school system.

On that note, we learned today that the high school class schedules is being changed from an 80 minute period to a normal 45 minute class. Supposedly this will permit an increase in courses offered which would be more appropriate in a system designed to offer education and not basic minimal get then a degree and out philosophy.

It has been a long time since I was a student, but it would seem to me that the present class period is one that in which that age students find difficult to maintain interest.

On the campaign scene, Trump’s SNL performance was subpar for an actor or comedian and certainly not a venue for a President to be.

Rubio has not helped himself by revelations of his own personal financial misadventures. Certainly one does not use the corporation card for purchases even if one does reimburse the card holder. Also he has flip flopped over the immigration issue.

We can hope that this week’s debate will demand answers to the same question from all the selected 8.

Noteworthy leading pollsters have expressed their disapproval of the use of polls for selection of the participants. There is a wide difference in the quality of various polls including how the pool I s selected and the questions asked. The results can be so slanted as to get a desired results. Also the margin of error is so great that both who were excluded were actually in the same range as the lower participants.

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