Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Oops, overslept this am, however my insomnia was working full blast last night until after3am.The compensation for that fact was breakfast at 9am and then falling back asleep until past noon. Isn’t it great not to have to work for a living?

Complicating factors included the crisis in the Near East (or Mid East) which escalated overnight with the shooting down of a Russian fighter supposedly over Turkey.

Whereas the ramifications of that action could be many time more serious than the one outstanding moment of last night’s Council meeting which occurred at the end of an otherwise boring lackluster business meeting.

I refer to the complaint by School Sup3erintentent Belin-Pyles against the Administration’s message over the “robot municipal information system about the cancellation of the Youth Summit”. That turned into a she said / he said exchanged with Councilor Taylor and the Mayor

Belin-Pyles said that the Robot call message which claimed that the Youth Summit was cancelled by her “executive decision” without explanation” which constituted libel in her eyes as a defamation of her integrity, a falsification of her action which she described as a need for postponement because the task of changing the format of the High School day as mandated at a Special BOE meeting at the end of October was absorbing all the resources of the system. She claimed that she had requested only a one day postponement.

In a brief reply to Taylor Mapp said that the only message they received was that the ‘cancellation was by her “executive action” and there was no other communication. The timing of the cancellation just before the elections seemed to have a political implication between the Campbells and the “New Democrats”. Whether true or not it seems that no consideration was given to the guest speakers who most likely could not rearrange their schedule at the 11th hour.

The meeting itself was a rubber stamp action by the Council who approved of every item unanimously with the only ‘hitch” being a hesitation by Taylor before voting for the Ordinance approving the South Ave project and her end of the meeting statement that that was only the first reading and things might be different at the second reading of the Ordinance.

Patrick Teberg, the lead Developer presentation of the South Second Street project was smooth although no Council action could be taken because it still has to go before the Planning Board.

I was struck by the fact that the total area in question was only 5 acres of which over 3.5 acres were to be used by the commercial operation. That leaves only 1.5 acres for 90 units of residential buildings with enclosed parking space. I have to picture what the “4 story” units will be like.

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