Monday, November 2, 2015


External circumstances including a trip to Walgreens for a prescription to treat my laryngitis and to Lens Crafters to check on the prescription of new glass, which had afte5rs several weeks continued to seem the same as the previous one. It was and now to rely on a mail order pair that is right and cost 1/3rd the price.

There is much going on in the world and in this country which I wish to write about. Perhaps I will do so tonight; no more baseball, no football, college or pro that I have any interest in, and the college basketball season is two weeks away and then I can watch the “Hoos” who have a national chance.

Tuesday is Election Day; I have already sent in my ballot and hope for the best I hope all get out and vote.

As usual I voted for the person not the party and not against someone because of race or ethnicity. I did vote for Storch who has proven to be a good Councilor ho has always justified his yea and especially nay votes. A solid Democrat he has often been the recipient of Jerry’s ire. If I could have voted in the 1st or 4th wards it would have been for Goode whom I consider to be more of an open free thinker than Ortega.

For Assembly the Republican's had two good candidates running and since I believe someone can be in office too long and will tend to abuse such power; there is an axiom that"power corrupts" one's actions, I voted for them.

I only cast one vote for the BOE. The single slate designed to continue a one faction control  in this so called nonpolitical election makes the process a travesty. (updated 4:35 pm- this had been accidentally deleted in transfer from Word)

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