Sunday, November 15, 2015


It will be another week before there is a Council meeting and perhaps my insulation from OZ and its ramifications will have ended. In the meantime I can opine only about national, and international affairs.

Friday’s terrorist attacks in Paris can only remind us that all civilian life is not and cannot be made immune from such events. No country is safe from a determined terrorism whose goal is to create confusion and inertia through fear. Targets will include any venue where there is a congregation of people or any vulnerable point in the transportation systems or utilities.

There is no way we can have assurance that we are safe. The best we can do is to rely on information gathered from insiders or from interception of messages. The latter to be effective will mean abrogating some of our civil rights principles.

Yes in the propaganda of the prenominating conventions there are pronouncements by every candidate how he/she will combat terrorism all without substance but grandiose.

The fact is we will probably have to bite the bullet and enter into combat on foreign soil or hide in a shell that will not protect us. History should have taught us that risks must be taken and to be prepared that some adventurer may not back down.

One thing that should be reinstated is a draft of all, men and women, to serve for at least a year in some form of the defense services. This should be mandatory and the only exemption should be for physical/health reasons. That way no group will be able to avoid their commitment due to religious or ethnic or economic status reasons.

Once again I was going to write about what is wrong with all of the candidate’s economic claims. That will wait for another day.

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