Friday, November 20, 2015


No excuse but explanations for no blog available this morning.
(1)      Without backup material, even basic explanations for the resolutions on Monday night’s Special Council meeting agenda it is impossible to do more than speculate. The South Ave apartment project is once again up for a vote on the PILOT, plus a resolution to abandon “Old South Ave”.

Since the project on the old South Second St. Wood factory plot  is also up for a vote without any previous formal discussion-no the meeting at the church does not count- there will be an unanswered question of a deal.
(2)      The terrorist activity continues as expected although today’s hotel attack was in Mali and the Boko Haram not ISIS is most likely the responsible group. This Islamic terror group has been the agent for more attacks in the past two years than any other group, yet we are ignoring them.

Although ISIS has upped its propaganda with threats against the US in Washington DC and New York, I would expect its target for greatest civilian casualties will be a large shopping mall. What an effect that would have on our economy.
(3)      As I have written the AHA is financially unworkable without excessive federal subsidies and artificially low payments to providers. The insurance companies will drop out of the Exchanges because they are losing money at the premiums they can offer and excessive use. United Health the largest health insurer through its AARP affiliation has announced that it is considering not participating in the exchanges next (2017) year. More about this later.
(4)      College basketball is in full swing with many good games today and the weekend. Unfortunately some start after 9:30. Go “Hoos”

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