Friday, November 13, 2015



For the next 10 weeks up to the New Hampshire Primary and then until the nominating conventions we are going to be subject to much nonsensical political confabulation.

Much of it has to do with how that candidate is going to “reform” the federal tax structure homing in on the income tax. None will describe in detail what they mean by a “flat tax” except that they would do away with all the loopholes that permit “the rich” to get away without paying “their fair share”.

Thursday the Ledger increased its anti-Christie campaign by promoting Mulshine’s commentary to the 3rd page which was devoted to political news.

All Republicans have claimed that they would do away with special exemptions from taxation. Paul Mulshine goes further claiming that Christie’s plan will cost New Jersians more money because it will eliminate the deductions for the State income tax and property taxes.

That is about as incredible statement without factual backup as Putin’s statement that he will form a committee to look into the Charges that Russia systemically administered performance enhancing drugs to improve its athletes’ performances in the Olympics and other international events.

Putin also said that because of these charges he is considering boycotting the 2016 Rio Olympics. Act before the Olympic body excludes Russia from the games.

Russian and Polish athletes in the Soviet era were proven afterwards to have been routinely given such drugs.

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