Tuesday, November 17, 2015


My excuses for no blog this morning were (1)an appointment that although one I consider to be “social” i.e.: one in which the doctor sees you for perhaps five minutes including a minimal exam before telling you to come back in 3 months. (2) College Basketball season started with a bang Monday night; oh yes Friday was the first games against patsies. (3) I am trying to condense an essay about our candidates and responsible fiscal campaign utterances; an impossible task. (4) Not enough time to read the papers especially the Editorial and OP-ED pages. There is an exception, I had to read Mulshine’s daily rant about Christie.

When I did have time to get to the computer there was a notification complete with uninformative agenda about a Special Council Meeting on Nov.23. at 7pm. That was confusing since there was already scheduled an Agenda Fixing Session to be followed by the postponed Business meeting.

Further investigation revealed that this meeting was to replace the postponed Agenda and Business meetings. Since conducting both meetings on the same night is the height of ridiculousness; defeating the public's ability to develop and express opinions relating to the agenda that will be up for vote In fact the business session becomes nothing more than reading the Ordinances and Resolutions by number followed by a “Yes” vote.

Since there are some items that were not on the original agenda, I hope there will be a posting of all of the backup material prior to the meeting. One such item is the proposed 4thWard redevelopment project on the old Wood factory site.

Question; did it take the Paris ISIS attack for Putin to admit that the airplane was destroyed by a bomb as Isis has claimed.? Will he re-channel his air attacks in Syria from the anti-Assad rebels to help destroy ISIS?

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