Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Last night’s “debates” were more interesting than any of the previous ones. The second stringer’s hour was better than the first one, not for substance or quality but for a format that gave the four debaters time to answer questions and engage in free interplay. This hour was more like a t rue debate with all four addressing the same questions.

Perhaps I liked that hour since it conformed to the format I have suggested and because its small number of participants made it workable. If the Republicans for the next two or three debates would include all 12 who were available last night in a pool and selected by random drawing three pods of four so that they could hold 3 one hour sessions on the debate night it would be of greater value as to information about each candidate.

The prime time two hours was also better than any previous debates by either party. Most of the time each was asked the same question or one so similar that their answers could be comparable. There were I believe no loaded questions although I must admit that I did nod off midway through and there is about 15-20 minutes I cannot account for. Unfortunately I gather from comments afterwards that that was the period when Carson did shine. Fortunately I did tape the whole two hours plus.

Trump. Was unusually reserved and Kasich over aggressive. Bush may make a good President but he is not a debtor; too soft spoken and too slow on the counter punch. Carly Fiorina interjected herself often to counter other speaker’s remarks and forced Trump of all people to complain about her interruptions. She did herself good.

I think that Rubio and Cruz gained last night as did Carly to a lesser extent. Trump probably held his own but that sour puss turns me off even if I thought that he was one I would want as our leader.

Carson regained statue and will remain a force for some time. Rand Paul this time had the opportunity to vocalize his unique positions on all matters. He belongs in party of his own.

Christie was outstanding in the early debate; it was a format in which he excels and had the opportunity to do so unlike the ones where he was on the far wing and ignored by the moderators.

Today the media commentators will have time to give their take. That should make interesting reading in the papers.

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