Friday, September 4, 2015


The Planning Board’s first item was the lots occupied by the Muhlenberg Hospital buildings; the Kenyon Hose and the Snyder Health care buildings were excluded.

The spokesperson for the Consultant hired by the Council, Jennifer Giorgianni(?) after giving criteria for ‘redevelopment and rehabilitation noted that although the enabling resolution had been written for “condemnation there was the option of the plan be for non-condemnation. Which she recommended

She also recommendation that the site be designated for “Redevelopment ‘which can include an up to a 30 year PILOT whereas Rehabilitation only merits a 5 year PILOT”

She gave a very depressing picture of the interior of the buildings including excessive water damage throughout, falling ceiling tiles, mold covered walls, a corroded sewer and an out of date inefficient heating/cooling systems.

The Board voted 9:0 to accept her recommendations. It was noted that the City does not have the fiscal resources to take the land by condemnation By going the non-condemnation route JFK will have control of the choice of developer and a more profitable results from sale or lease of the land.

Before consideration of the its under consideration; Alan Goldstein made a passionate speech asking for attendance at Tuesday’s Agenda Setting Council Meeting to speak against the Administration’s plans to disband the Planning Division and outsource its work.

In view of the city’s sad history with engineering and animal control that plan seems to be a bad one and should never get Council approval. I am open to learning the whys but am not sure that there is a political motive involved.


  1. For the City to condemn the property (use eminent domain) is indeed too expensive, but for the State to do it would be a lot more realistic. Ultimately the price has to be driven down to what one of those hospital chains will pay for Muhlenberg in its present state. The State has a multimillion dollar mortgage on the property and will have to eat it. But if that's what it takes to give us back a full-service hospital, that's what we should do. If I am elected to the Legislature on Nov. 3, making this proposal will be my very first priority. You don't see Jerry Green doing anything, in the past or currently.

  2. We need something that will fit in with a nursing school and a dialysis unit, so short of a hospital, which I doubt will occur, how about a medical complex? an outpatient surgical care center? We cannot and must not roll over for affordable housing and mixed retail. Been there. Done that. Too many times with no positive results to the city and its inhabitants.