Monday, September 21, 2015


An unsatisfactory weekend for this recliner-chair potato. The Mets relief pitching excepting the 8th and9th inning specialists is nonexistence; the Giants have demonstrated a singular expertise in snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.,

This morning although another beautiful fall day; my comfort zone with the Ledger was shattered when it actually printed an editorial praising Christie. It did remedy that slip in its news columns.

But the headline US to admit 100,000 refugees although perhaps factual is another manifestation of political crap designed to win a popularity contest and perhaps votes.

Read it closely; this will occur in 2017; it almost October 2015. It matters not to our so called humanists that the crisis is NOW. Germany the nation that bred Hitler and his genocidal creed is the one who according to that article will admit 10 times that number of refugees this year. The Kerry/Obama plan is tantamount to sentencing many who need help this minute to death.

There was an editorial or Op-Ed in Saturdays Times why the nation benefits economically and otherwise by admitting those fleeing from persecution in their homeland. Rather than being initially a danger to Americans honestly seeking jobs, these people not only fill jobs not wanted such as day laborers, nannies, etc. but with the funds earned create work for positions desired by our own workforce. Think about it.
It is time those who would build a fence, or would send thousands back to what may well be their death should remember that their very existence in this country is because they or their ancestors came here to flee starvation or oppression in their country of origin.

Even that great minority whose ancestors arrived here in bondage owe their constitutional rights to many who fought to change a status that was contrary to “all men are born equal”.

It is time to turn away from narrow minded self-serving so called solutions such as a Wall or mass deportation, or denial of the 14th Amendment birth right and address the true problem; our antiquated immigration laws.

There must be a reevaluation of so called quotas for legal admission including limited visas. The world’s population seeking a new start in this land of opportunity is no longer European based but should be slanted towards “refugees from South America, Africa, and Asia.

Additionally we must make provisions for critical crisis such as exists today in Syria and the Sudan-Congo –Niger areas.

If we honestly believe in the teachings of our faiths we will force our law makers to act accordingly and not play lip service for votes.

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