Thursday, September 17, 2015


What a few days and one great night!! Obvious a substance blog will be very late because of the Debate(s) As expected with TV I did doze at times during the debates and thanks to the DVR I will have a chance to review the entire 6+ hours.

A brief impression; the following did well, Bush, Rubio, and Fiorina. Christie also was impressive despite the Ledger’s vendetta. I intend to give an in detail report after looking at the “tape”.

From the fire pit to the Ring of fire; a major earthquake of the coast of Chile with warnings of Tsunamis as far away as Polynesia, Hawaii and the California coast.

Add the eruption of a Japanese volcano that had been dormant for ever. the earth is in turmoil.

Plus my aspirant Olympic Gymnast for 2020 fractured a metatarsal in her foot and will be side lined for at least 6 weeks. On the bright side my oldest Pamela must have inherited some of her mother’s genes; after a year she has gained almost 20 master points mostly on the local circle. Go Gal.

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