Saturday, September 12, 2015


Monday night’s agenda includes an ordinance for first reading about the paid sick leave. Once again I feel that this should be a matter for the State legislature not small town local municipalities.

Yes it has merit and a much needed humanistic value which is frequently missing at local Council levels in favor of a political advantage. In Plainfield’s  case perhaps it would serve the Community best if the Council listened to local merchants/employers.

The electronic agenda clarified the mystery of Resolution A1 which was not on my copies of last Tuesday’s agendas. It is a Council Resolution praising the Superintendent of Public Works, John Louise and the Division for their devotion and exemplary public service. All elements of civic service should be praise for doing their job; or replaced/outsourced.

The conditions attached to the renewal of the Express Night Club’s liquor license are not listed in the resolutions print out. If the Council will not pay attention to the Police recommendation and force an ABC hearing-The Council is the local ABC- then any and all conditions should be explicitly stated in the resolution.

There are a slew (4) of resolutions as new items to vote on for inclusion to the agenda: One grants a waiver of Residency to Health Officer Atif Nazir; another congratulates Gloria’s son for his role as “Surge Night” in “Straight out of Compton”.

The only listed ‘Discussion Item is the “Senior Center”. If there are others for potential action the Public should have been made aware so that it could comment.

Because Monday eve is the second night of the Jewish New Year and the beginning of “The Days of Awe” ending in Yom Kippur the Day of Atonement,  dedicated to reflection and introspection; I may miss this meeting. If so I hope it is on PCTV within a few days

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