Sunday, September 6, 2015


Overall few items on the Resolutions agenda raise questions. The three proposed Ordinances all seem non-controversial but someone on the Council may find fault. However in2015-35 there is an error in a table; $35.00+$3.00=$33.00.

Resolution A; Certifying reviewing of the 2014 Audit report and a signed affidavit. The joker is the minimum requirement is that just the recommendations have been read.

Resolution P; Authorizing the cancellation of 2015-2016(?) Taxes billed to a 100% disabled veteran effective 1/1/15 would be not questionable except the property address listed is 123-129 Park Ave. Is my belief that such exemption is granted for the residence. If this is so there must be an error in the address, or else something is wrong. I have previously question some grants for various reasons.

Resolution T; is for purchasing a RA 400 Patcher for hot filling of potholes etc. at a cost of $196,650.00 It is noted that the city has rented this piece of equipment the past 2 years. What has been the cost for renting, and for a relative limited time it is needed can the purchase costs be justified?

Perhaps others may find some questions with the agenda but these are my concerns.

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