Monday, September 21, 2015


A judge on Monday approved the sale of 95 A&P-owned stores (A&P, Pathmark), including 39 in New Jersey, to Acme and Stop&Shop.

Acme will purchase the South Plainfield and Clark stores. The Fanwood store being too small will be sold if possible  or most likely closed.So ends another chapter in our lifetime.


  1. South Plainfield gets Acme back. I grew up in the south end of Plainfield on Belleview and shopped with my mom and two brothers at Acme. Don't remember ever going there with my dad, but then again he was at work every day.

    Speaking of ending another chapter, a current insurance commercial on TV has the woman referring to an accident involving a station wagon. I wonder how many younger viewers even know what that is?

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  3. Into the 60s the building on the corner of Grant and Fourth which is now a mosque held a grocery store which for years was an Acme, a corner newspaper/variety store, and a barber shop.