Monday, September 14, 2015



It is not necessary to be Jewish to have a “Blessed New Year”, but it has to be earned day by day.  All is needed is to be true to oneself and respect all  humans whatever their religious beliefs or ethnic origin.

On a lighter note:
Since this is according to Genesis it was only 5766 years when G*d  created  the stars, earth and man then those fossils that go back millions of years must just be forgeries. There never were any dinosaurs, and Lucy never lived

Seriously, one can be an Atheist, Agnostic, or a devoted religious person and should  not be faulted for  their belief; but can anyone explain how a chemical or electrical reaction created sentient life? Nor can one truly conceive that the Supreme Being is watching and guiding  every moment in one's life. Yet all of us know that some time in our life there was an incident not of our own doing that altered for the best our life.

To hold a belief in a Supreme Being helps to explain the unknown and gives comfort to what we can't account for. However to believe that our faith is the true one and all others are false and should be destroyed denies the basic moral concept of any religion. To deny others the right to have no faith is contrary to all concepts of "equality of man".

In the words of the Pope;

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