Saturday, September 19, 2015


Even though it is a weekend full of sports including0 the Yankees vs. Mets, college football games galore, and pro football plus golf; perhaps there are some who have the time to read blogs.

Yes perhaps it is time for seriousness; time to leave behind the circus that is the Republican candidates’ search for a nomination;, time to set aside at least temporarily the disgrace that is known as Oz’s politics, time to ignore professional baseball which will still be on stage in November competing not only with football but also with basketball and hockey.

Yes, once again the Western world is turning its cheek on genocide and human suffering, perhaps because it does not physically involve western Christianity.

I am referring to the over 200000 refuges that are trying to flee Syria and Iraq. Most are either other small local eastern Christian sects or Muslims whose beliefs are contrary to ISIS or the despots who rule in Syria or the Theocracy of Iran that rages its aggression throughout the Arabian near east.

To be included are those thousands of Africans that are trying to flee oppressors bent on genocide many drowning in the Mediterranean Sea trying to reach Italy on boats run by profiteers in human suffering.

Whereas it is true that Italy and other nations try to rescue those from sinking boats-not ships, Europe itself is now erecting barriers against the fleeing Syrians.

Once again it is bigoted fear of the entrenched against competition from immigrants who are willing to risk their life and to work to improve their place in life

What should be a unified UN attempt to alleviate human suffering is being ignored; probably because Russia and China see profit in his turmoil, and the third world nations do their bidding.

The US could do its share but an election is upcoming and already the politicians are courting those here who forget that they or their families were also immigrants to this country in order to escape horror at home.

It is time for America to lead the UN and Europe in providing safe homes for those refugees, not force them into concentration camps.

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