Saturday, September 5, 2015


Another great weekend holiday and very few will bother to read the blogs.

Finally the college football season has started and next week we will groan and moan over the Jets and Giants. College Basketball, the best, is only two months away as is the off years’ election.

Both the Mets and Yankees are in the post-season race for a change and the hype for next year’s Presidential nominations is in full swing. Life can be good for the couch potato.

A quick glance at Tuesday’s Council agenda shows 52 resolutions on tap. However some 22 are for liquor licenses renewals which leaves only 30 for consideration. 13 are from Finance and many have to do with tax rebates and refunds. Perhaps more later after study.

One resolution is to approve the Corrective Action Plan based on the 2014 audit. Even though this year’s list is most limited to offices who collect fees not depositing them within 24 hours I wonder how many of the council has read the entire report.

There is a slew of resolutions from Public Works and Urban Development that will require review this week end and a hoped for comment on Tuesday.

Have a safe holliday .

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