Friday, September 18, 2015


Yesterday I posted a blog hoping to explain meaning of the Jewish “Days of Awe”; the 10 day period between the Jewish New Year and the day of repentance

I had hoped by including a verse from Mathew and a proverb which is included in the Christian version of Old Testament that the message of respect for others even those one feels to be inferior is applicable to both religions. To act otherwise is an affront to God.

Last night my attention was called to a commentary (#45) to Bernice’s Tuesday blog, which had a link to someone’s cell phone video of Councilor Tolliver’s “loss of control” at the Tuesday Special Meeting

After viewing this video my impression that Tolliver’s homily at the Sept. Agenda Fixing Session was not an apology to those that were the victims of her action, or to the public. Instead it was nothing more than a blatant explanation of self-justification.

I hope she read and understood what I was trying to elicitate in yesterday’s blog; "be humble”. Perhaps other members of the Council even those “who do not read the bogs” could benefit by that message.

Regrettably; maybe under pressure, the latest Council meeting listed to be shown on PCTV is the August Business meeting. Administration is doing the public who pay for that venue a disservice by censoring what happens in Plainfield instead of correcting.

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  1. You are correct, Doc. It's unfortunate that Ms. Toliver isn't the only self-righteous person on the City Council, i.e. Ms. Taylor, and they treat the citizens of Plainfield as second rate. It's not funny to see a "Christian" acting in such a way. Maybe she's just a Christian when it suits her, like our last mayor.