Tuesday, September 22, 2015


An update and clarification on Monday’s “do we care” blog.

Many of my comments were based on the “Rag’s” article, and clarification comes from the WSJ and Times of today.

It seems that there is a quota refugees for admission to the US in 2015it was 70000 and is to be 85000 in 2016. The 70000 costed the US about1.1 billion to screen and resettle them. That quota will be increased to the 100000 number in 2017.

The majority of those admitted as refugees in 2015 came from Myanmar, Iraq, and Somalia. IN fact since 9/11 only about 1600 Syrian refugees have been admitted into the US.

According to the WSJ and Kerry the additional 10000 will come from the17000 the UN has already assigned to the US for 2016.

Kerry says ha it takes 18-24 months to vet the Syrians as a result of the post 9/114, laws. However, since the war in Syria started according to WSJ 12 million have been displaced of which 4 million have sought refuge. At the same time 250000 Serbians have died as a result of the conflict. Most disturbing if you have even the minutest concern for human life.

Wednesday being Yom Kippur there will be no blog, and most likely none Thursday.

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