Friday, February 26, 2016


I am glad that I did not write a blog for this morning (Friday). I had watched all of the Thursday night’s circus, aka the Republican Debate #10, and decided that Rubio was a winner but perhaps it will matter little

Then came the bombshell today; Christie is supporting Trump. Once again a politicians words are worth no more than the air into which they have been expelled. What was said yesterday is forgotten.

Perhaps Christie has adopted this new champion in retribution for Rubio’s attacks on him before the New Hampshire primary which seemed to have cost Christie his support there for Rubio’s gain.

Starting this Tuesday. Super Tuesday, and up to the Ides of March the fate of the Republican nomination process may be decided. This map from the Wall Street Journal illustrates what is at stake.

 It is to be noted that many states allot their delegates proportionally to votes received whereas others it is “Winner takes all”. In Texas for a candidate to receive any delegates he must poll at least 20% state wide, and also in each district for that district’s allotment. Other big states like Florida go to the winner. Note that it  is projected that Trump will sweep Rubio's Florida.

 It was either too good  or too improbable to be true. Sandoval has stated that he is not interested in becoming a member  of SCOTUS "at this time". Perhaps  he is looking forward to a Presidential run in 2020.

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