Sunday, February 14, 2016


The coldest Valentine’s Day in a 100 years should have been the perfect time to blog about last night’s “debate”. However there are several minor problems, the most significant one is that I slept through most of it. In part over shadowing the debate was the unexpected passing of ultra conservative SCOTUS Judge Scalia.

A minor complication was that my wireless keyboard failed; and although I have a years’ worth of AAs on hand, I had could find only one AAA replacement battery while needing two. The floppy USB plugin keyboard that I am using has not the feel I need for my look peck typing.

The parts of the debate I best remember was a red faced Trump yelling and screaming at Bush to the boos of the audience. I do recall other portions and of the opinion that (1) Jeb. Bush reestablished himself as a viable contender what may reach the convention with enough delegates to be the back room choice. (2) Rubio regained some credibility (3) It was Carson’s swan song,(4) Cruz is as always Cruz appealing to the his ultra-right Christian cohorts, not hurting self nor broadening is overall appeal and (5) Kasich firmly positioned himself as a person of moderation with a party conservatism and by referring to God at least one appealing to the evangelist fringe.

Most of the pundits I read this morning agree that Bush, Kasich and Rubio were the winners in that order.

In South Carolina the Democrats and Republicans hold their primary on different Saturdays; the Republican election is this Saturday and the Democrats the next Saturday.

I plan to post later on the Supreme Court.

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